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Ridekick Trailers

Ridekick Trailers

Getting Started:

RideKick™ International started in a garage in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company's founders decided to build a product to bridge the gap between an electric bike and a tow-behind bike trailer. What they created was the Ridekick Electric Powered Bike Cargo Trailer -- the first commercially available electric-powered bike trailer that can be installed easily on almost any bike.

The trailer provides an extra push cyclists sometimes need when the task, terrain, or weather tempts them to use a car. Their mission is to provide an affordable, quality, fun and "green" alternative to our dependency on gasoline-powered transportation for short trips.

We were the first online retailer to carry the Ridekick trailer plus all of the accessories to help you get the most out of it.

RideKick International provides a 1 year warranty from all manufacturing defects on the RideKick™ power trailer and a 6 month warranty from all manufacturing defects on the RideKick™ battery pack to the end customer from the date of purchase.

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