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Bern Helmets

Getting Started:

Bern Bicycle Helmets are made for the active commuting bicycle lifestyle. Founded in 2004, Bern Helmets are designed for you by giving you a top quality product using only the best materials available but they don't sacrifice style or comfort.

Putting a Bern helmet on your head gives you the instant feel of a performance helmet without the goofy aerodynamic look.... you know the one you can wear and your friends won't make fun of you. I mean c'mon, its a ride to work not a race.

Bern offers a wide range of helmets and styles that can suit your needs or your flavor. Bern mission is to keep you safe and keep you riding. Bern is out there riding, testing, and being apart of the active community to help ensure you have the best product.

Bern, Lazer and POC helmet closeouts are 40% off while supplies last.

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