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Zoic Clothing

Zoic Clothing

Getting Started:

ZOIC means pertaining to animal life or action in Greek. ZOIC is clothing for an active life. ZOIC makes casual-fit cycling apparel for mountain bikers, commuters and more.

ZOIC has always been a grassroots, organic brand, participating in festivals like the Sea Otter Classic, supporting trail building & maintenance, and donating to kids programs and general cycling advocacy programs. We love being outside, living in the moment and connecting with our pursuits; helping others experience this motivates us to design products that perform well. Whether its a fresh trail, a first race, a childs first bike, or your first cup of coffee in the morning, we want to be with you.

Zoic's Core Purpose: Continually create outdoor clothing that embodies the elements of a quality lifestyle: Performance, Fun, Comfort, Simplicity, and Aesthetics

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