Blog Home is Launching April 29th! is becoming! We’re gathering up kindling and wood chunks for our “campfire”.  Come late April, we’ll be striking a match to set ablaze our rebranding to! I’m inviting all of you to the campfire to gaze into the flames with us.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing with you why we’re rebranding, what…

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5 Tips for Riding with Your Kids in Low Light

Fall is here and the days are getting shorter. Gone are the long, sun-filled evenings of summer. At the same time our kids are back in school, and it’s harder to find time to ride. If you’re like our family, you’re still trying to squeeze in some after-school, after-work evening rides. We did one of…

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Sizzling Strategies – Part 2: Dress for Distress

It seems like years ago that I mentioned how much I like the products from Duluth Trading Company. Wait a minute … it was years ago: Doctor’s Orders: Ride Naked! As I said in that ancient article, Duluth makes stuff for real working people, which means they’re very familiar with clothes which will help to…

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Pedal Cliques: Top Five Reasons to Go Clipless (not)

“All real cyclists ride clipless pedals.” “No real cyclists use platform (“flat”) pedals.” That’s what you’d think, anyway, from reading many biking websites and magazines. They’ll tell you, in not so many words, that you’re not “serious” about biking if you’re not walking around in clunky plastic shoes and clicking on linoleum like a castanet….

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