The Solution Bicycle Seat

I came across this unusual product called “The Solution Bicycle Seat”

solution seat solution 2

Here’s what they said about the seat:

“In fact, research shows that the pressure upon the Public Ramus caused by riding with a typical bicycle seat can lead to impotence and any number of other health issues such as Penile Numbness,
Urinary tract Infections, Difficulty Urinating, Yeast Infections, Prostate Inflammation and other serious conditions. The Solution ELIMINATES that Pressure and Shock!”

Click HERE to view the infomercial.

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0 thoughts on “The Solution Bicycle Seat”

  1. wayne trotter says:

    I invented and patten the SOLUTION BIKE SEAT and sold them all over the world.
    drop me a line

  2. wayne trotter says:

    Sorry my e-mail is
    wayne trotter

  3. Ronn Downey says:

    I bought a Solution years ago. Are you still selling them? Please give details.

  4. Tom says:

    Bought one in late 90sin Hollywood fla..still going strong. Do you still make them?

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