Velo Swap!

I found this cool site for buying selling bicycles. Its basically a classified ads for the internet specializing in bicycles. The rates aren’t bad at all if you want to sell items.

Fee/Pricing Information
1 item: $3.50 each/month

Bold: $1/item
Highlight: $1
Featured: $3

Priority Placement – your ad will appear above non-premium ads
Bronze: $1
Silver: $2
Gold: $3
Platinum: $4

Check them OUT!

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0 thoughts on “Velo Swap!”

  1. fixedgear says:

    They were giving away a free posting at the Wachovia Races in Trenton/Lancaster/Philly. I think it will be a little underwhelming. Ebay is still the site of choice for getting mondo exposure, and local flea markets like T-Town for us PA/NJ folks are a close second.

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