Electric Bike Kit-First Impression

The nice folks over at Wilderness Energy sent me the Electric Bike Conversion Kit to review. Yesterday, I received the packages and started going to town!



I unpacked the boxes and found all sorts of goodies!



I mounted the kit on my older Gary Fisher Tarpon.


The whole thing only took about 20 mins to put together. After that I rode it around my neighborhood for a total mileage of 6 miles.

I was blown away by this kit! I couldn’t believe how well it handled and accelerated. The manual stated that to save energy, I should pedal first to get it going. Even if I didn’t pedal first, this thing had enough torque to pull me and get going pretty fast.

I tested it up on a short hill and found that if I had the throttle on full, I still need to pedal to get me over. But it wasn’t like I was sweating bullets climbing the hill, I really didn’t have to do much work.

The first impression the Electric Bike Kit from Wilderness Energy left me, this is a high quality product! Stay tuned for our long term review. We’re going to try it out on a 20 mile commute as well as other scenarios such as hills, dirt bike paths, running errands, pulling a trailer full of groceries and etc.

In the mean time, check out Wilderness Bikes and the Electric Bike Kit.

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0 thoughts on “Electric Bike Kit-First Impression”

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  2. Carl says:

    How much does it cost? That looks awesome…!

  3. RL Policar says:

    Prices start as low as $299. It’s actually on sale right now.

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  5. Alex says:

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  7. Jerry Walkey says:

    Any further information you have, regarding a front hub conversion kit, would be greatly appricated as I’m in the market to purchase a reliable kit.

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  9. Tehaboo says:

    Wow look cool……awesome!Try to figure out some info about it on this site http://electricbikekits.blogspot.com/

    and also hope give some advise on all review which i was post on it thanks guys!..

    Electric bike kits

  10. Jerry Walkey says:

    This was almost too easy, to put this together.
    I had previously engineered three gas motored bikes, prior to using the extremely easy wilderness electric bicycle kit. Within a matter of no more than an hour or two, my new electric bike was ready to ride. All I had to do, was to fully charge the battery and I was good to go. Almost anyone, can assemble this Wilderness kit using their orignal bike. I’m stopped all the time, by other’s, wanting to know how they can convert their bikes to electric power. Believe me, it’s easy as 1-2-3.
    Start having fun now!!!

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