Month: July 2005

How to Bicycle Commute Safely

Commuting by bike ultimately means sharing the road with motorists. And though cars will often have the right-of-way because they’re bigger, there are things you can do to make sure your trip is as safe as possible. 1. Ride predictably in a straight line without a lot of sudden movements. This will keep you on…

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Some say its a recumbant others call it a tricycle….so which is it? The Twike is a lightweight (~500-800 lbs.) three-wheel, two seat vehicle. It comes in two models, and both feature electric motors able to take the car up to 130 kilometers at speeds up to 85 kilometers per hour — not quite freeway…

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The Grass IS Greener….

I only wish I could commute everyday to work with my bike. There are some days that I have to drive and boy do I hate it! I was on the freeway today and I cruising at a good speed of….15 mph!!!! Then I look to my right. Guess what I see? I bike commuter…

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Lauding Alternative Transportation

With sweltering temperatures and even higher humidity, a bike ride from London to Toronto is likely not on the top of anyone’s ‘to do’ list. But don’t tell that to Western students and EnviroWestern members Tom Ewart and Jordan Poppenk. The pair just returned today after cycling the 225 kilometres from London to Toronto over…

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Bicycling toward a greater good

Bicycles are good things. I don’t think anyone is going to argue with that. Sure, you’ve got your errant riders here and there, giving one aspect of the sport or another a bad rap, but what sport doesn’t? For the most part, bikes are good. Read More

Wilderness Energy

The great folks of Wilderness Energy are kind enough to send an Electric Bike Conversion Kit as shown below. Once we receive it, we’ll conduct a product review, so stay tuned!

Electric Bike Kits’s new line of electric bike kits provides clean, quiet, easy transportation. But did you know it can possibly make you healthier? We think it can. In some cases, those who like to ride their conventional bike struggle up hills so they stop riding because they get to tired and don’t feel like cycling back…

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The RIDER: an electric commuter trike

The defining aspect of the character of the Rider is its steering mechanism which enables it to tilt when turning, offering an element of fun which is so often missing from straight commuter machinery. The “Rider” is directed at commuters. It works via an electric motor that is located in the front wheel, and runs…

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Bike tour raises awareness about war wounded

Missing two legs he lost in the Iraq war, Heath Calhoun is nearing the end of a 4,200-mile cross-county journey by hand-propelled bicycle. His goal: to remind Americans the war is not over and that wounded soldiers are returning home with their lives changed forever. “More than anything, we just want people to know that…

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I'm just saying…

So this morning my buddy and I were riding. We get to a stop light and wait for the light to turn green. While waiting, a lady in a nice black car (I couldn’t remember what kind) that cost more than what I make in a year, pulls up. I tell my buddy to watch…

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