Month: July 2005

Pedalin' Dad-to-be

The bombs that exploded into Londoners’ lives with death, devastation and grief also catapulted a South African couple into parenthood when their first child was born suddenly – a few days before his birth was expected. Within two hours of the blasts, dad-to-be Brendan “Red” Byrne was summoned urgently to hospital but, with little public…

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Sweet Ride

The Bike Cycle shop in Portland, opened on April Fool’s Day 2004 by Percy Wheeler and Dugan Murphy, has emerged as a haven for many local cyclists who see cycling as a lifestyle rather than a sport. This unassuming little blue shop on the corner of Deering and Congress streets caters to its own niche…

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COMMUTING BY bicycle is ultimate multitasking: you get a workout as you get out to work. You rev your heart rate, wake up, think, burn fat, build muscle, go easy on your knees, save money and get lathered in fresh air. So why don’t we all do it? Keep Reading

The Man with a Plan

Bicyclists in Delaware could soon be moving more quickly, easily and safely around the state roads because of a recently released Delaware Bicycle Facility Master Plan. In the works since 2003, Department of Transportation Project Manager Joe Cantalupo said the plan will create an on-road series of paths for bikers to connect to business and…

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36" Monster!

Old fashioned style with quality craftsmanship, classic design and a smooth ride. This beach cruiser is quite a unique bike. It’s the Monster Cruiser bicycle with 36″ tires and an old fashioned classic design. You’ll feel like a kid again riding the Monster Cruiser bicycle. Don’t let this bike’s huge, jumbo-sized wheels fool you. It…

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A Continuing Cycle

Leah Shahum came out from Jacksonville, Fla., by way of Duke University, without a bicycle or any burning desire to ride one. Then she borrowed her roommate’s beater bike to commute to her night job as a waitress. Now Shahum, 33, commutes to a day job as executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition…

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Locals react to London bombings

People the world over are still reeling from the news of yesterday’s bombings in London – and Incline Village residents are no different. Four explosions blasted London subway lines and ripped open a packed double-decker bus during the morning rush hour Thursday. By press time Thursday afternoon, at least 37 people had been reported killed…

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Biking: Masters is North Conway's triathlete librarian

The upstairs office wall says it all. Next to all those racing bibs like Crank the Kanc, Mooseman Triathlon, Wildcat Biathlon, Danskin, Joe Jones Pentathlon and Freedom Triathlon, is an ad about libraries. It reads: “She’s not your typical librarian.” The same can be said for North Conway library director Andrea Masters. She loves bikes….

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Taking the Commute Off the Highways

What happens when you give people free bikes to commute to work? That’s what Burnsville resident Kathleen Johnson and 49 other Twin Cities area residents hope to find out. Johnson was among 50 Twin Cities residents selected to receive a free bike in recognition of Bike-to-Work Day May 20 -€œ as long as they shared…

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