Giatex Sport Stretching bike review

Giatex Sport
We got a Giatex Sport 20″ from to ride around and review. This bike is unique because unlike the other portable bikes, this bike is a stretchable bike. The frame can be stretched to suit the rider. This unique system also allows the bike to be compressed/stretched in about 10 seconds. This bike was able to fit perfectly inside the trunk of my car. I commuted on this bike to work; needless to say, it got plenty of looks and a lot of ‘funny’ comments. I had fun riding this bike; here’s the review:

Giatex Sport

What I liked about the bike: From the get go, Giatex’s customer service support is top notch. They were very helpful throughout the whole transaction. As for the bike, I liked the fact that the stretching/compressing system was very user friendly and very fast to operate. The bike was VERY comfortable, it took a little time to get used to the geometry, but once I did, I was pedaling with great comfort. I like the looks of the bike, I have a thing for fenders, as a commuter I really like the fact that I can go thru a puddle of water with little worries. For being a ‘specialty’ bike, components such as rims and tires are readily available on any bike shop, and at stores like Target or Wal-mart.

What I didn’t like: Due to the bike’s design, the frame had some flex to it. I never really got used to it. Weighing in at about 30+ pounds, this is a hefty bike to carry around. Another thing that annoyed me a little was the lack of quick release skewers, I installed new tubes with Slime for peace of mind, didn’t want to be stuck on the road in case I forgot my wrench.

Recommendation: I would recommend this bike to a commuter that rides a train or bus and has a short bike commute. A 5-mile commute is perfect for this bike. I also recommend this bike to travelers and recreational riders. The bike’s comfort and versatility makes this bike a good purchase.

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0 thoughts on “Giatex Sport Stretching bike review”

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  2. midtoad says:

    good idea to have a review of this bike. more details would be needed in order to really call it a review instead of an impression. for instance, does it have folding pedals? if you brake hard does the frame flex? how well do the gears work, given that there’s only chainring? do you get a smooth ride out of 20″ wheels? how far did you ride it? and so on…

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  4. BORIS says:

    Hi, I’ve been riding a Giatex 8 speed for over 5 years now and it is awesome.Standard they come with folding pedals but I ditched them for some clip in SPD’s. I’ve done plenty of rides over 150km on my bike and it handles all conditions uphill and down. Had it up to 65km once. Sure there is a tiny bit of movement in the frame due to the torsional forces but if you allow for it in your pedaling technique when you’re out of the saddle it isn’t a major issue.
    I fitted a double drink bottle holder to the seatpost, carbon bars, PD pedals, SRAM brakes and XTR rear derailuer. Goes like a bullet. You should see the faces of guys riding race bikes when I’m sitting behind at 40kmh!
    I mainly use it now though as a travel bike when my wife and I go away in the car. The question of weight isn’t really an issue as you can actually wheel the bike around when it is compressed up (unlike a folder). Anyway, just wanted to say these are awesome bikes.

  5. bruce desmond says:

    Likewise myself. The bike uses standard parts so upgrades are very easy. I use a 52 tooth front chainring and a 9 cog 11-28 rear cassette; drop bars, brake/shifters, SPD pedals, 43mm saddle, superlite quick release rims and 1.1 inch tires. This thing rides like a racing bike and tucks away into the trunk of my tiny BMW 1 series.

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