Genuine Innovations CO2 Review!

Read about the Genuine Innovations Deluxe Tire Repair and Inflation Wallet review.


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0 thoughts on “Genuine Innovations CO2 Review!”

  1. Ron Georg says:

    Please, get a pump. Carbon Dioxide inflators are for racers, during a race, only. For the rest of us, tossing aside a perfectly fine (but for one puncture in the top) metal cannister each time we flat is excessively consumptive, and contrary to the less-is-more philosophy of so many cyclists. Plus, I’ve encountered more than one cyclist in the backcountry, staring at a still-flat tire and an empty CO2.
    Besides, this is one of those greenhouse gasses cyclists are so proud of avoiding.

  2. Jeff Bleecker says:

    Why is the convenience of instant inflation just for racers? For the few times that I flat during a ride it is sure nice to have the convenience of inflating almost instantly with a CO2 inflator and not have to waste energy with 5 minutes of pumping. Concerning the “less is more” philosophy, indeed a CO2 pump and cartridge is much smaller and lighter than a traditional puump. Now that I have gotten used to carrying a CO2 pump, I would never go back to carrying a bulky hand pump again.

    Finally, Ron is mis-informed about CO2’s impact on the enviornment. CO2 is the same gas that is used to make carbonated soft drinks. It is also expelled by resporating animals including humans. Hope you don’t drink soft drinks or breath Ron.

  3. Ron Georg says:

    Okay, I won’t get tedious on this, but:
    A CO2 pump and cartridge are certainly smaller and lighter than a pump. However, a pile of spent cartridges is not. As for the “wasted energy” used to pump by hand, I encounter a similar philosophy from many drivers who suggest I’m wasting my energy by riding my bicycle instead of just driving.

    And I am quite well-informed about CO2’s impact on the environment. Its effect depends on its source; if it’s already in the carbon cycle–such as carbon released in brewing and breathing processes–it doesn’t contribute to the imbalance we’re causing. If it comes from fossil sources, formerly locked underground, it does. Admittedly, I’m not at all informed about the source of the CO2 in those little cannisters. That’s because I don’t care; I use a pump. (Besides, that was pretty much tongue-in-cheek; the few grams of CO2 in those containers doesn’t add up to much compared to an SUV’s tailpipe).
    Happy Trails,

  4. Ron Georg says:

    p.s.–I don’t drink soft drinks.

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