Month: November 2005

Allen Racks 144A Review

Overview: At Allen, our goal is to design and manufacture the finest bicycle carrying, parking, and storage racks available. Ever since Dick Allen started making rear mounted bicycle carriers in his garage in Lincoln, Massachusetts in 1967, our company has been committed to producing the highest quality, easiest to use racks on the market. Allen…

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Win Some Swag!

Enter now and win this! Here’s what’s included: 20oz can of new Foaming Simple Green Bike Cleaner/Degreaser 9.5 oz bottle of White Lightning Chain Lubricant 1 Dual-Bristle Chain Brush 5oz Tube of Simple Green Hand Cleaner Gel 1 Simple Green Scrubbing Pad All you have to do is answer a simple trivia question. Here we…

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I only ride to work – Riding IS their work

“On a good day it feels like flying,” said Dana Heater, 31, a five-year courier with a large forearm tattoo and a nose ring. “It’s like we’re the only people in the city and everyone else are obstacles. It’s really a dead-end job, but it’s beautiful.”  Read more…

Ibex Trophy 770 Update

This past weekend as I mentioned before, Priscilla and I entered a XC Mtn bike race. Priscilla rode her favorite bike, the Ibex Trophy 770 for the event. Here’s what she had to say about the Trophy 770: This past weekend I had the privilege of hitting the trail with the Ibex Trophy. Boy did…

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This past weekend Priscilla (my wife) and I entered the 14th annual Mt. Sac Fall Fat Tire Classic in Walnut Ca. Unfortunately our buddy Moe couldn’t participate in the race due to a knee injury. But he was cool enough to show up and take pictures for us. Thanks Moe! The race consisted of a…

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Disabled List

It looks like the Tour de Poway did more than kicking my ass. My knee had been bothering every since the ride, especially when I would start riding uphill. I went to the Doctor on Wednesday and it turns out that I have sprained the muscle that connects the thigh to the knee. I was…

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Fender Install

  My commuting bike, a  Giant Cypress LX (2004) has disc brakes, which made it a challenge to find the right fenders to install. But since I want to commute rain or shine, I had to “git-er-done”. I have documented the saga at – and it has a happy ending! One step closer to all-weather…

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Happy Birthday Moe!

A quick note, Moe has been instrumental to the success of Commute By Bike. We appreciate all his hard work and dedication on writing articles, reviews and his smarts. From all of us at Commute By Bike, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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