Sun Bicycles EZ1 SX First Impression

Sun Bicycles EZ 1 SX
Today I rode my first 30 miles of the new year. I’ve been itching to try out the Sun Bicycles EZ1 SX Recumbent. I loaded it up on the truck using the Rec Rac Bike system and off I went to the San Gabriel River Trail.
Sun Bicycles EZ 1 SX
I met 3 of my roadie friends and took off to the Beach on an easy 13 mph pace. So how did the bike performed?

Thumbs Up: Super comfortable, no monkey butt whatsoever, no tingling sensation on the fingers at all, no numbnuts, no shoulder pain, no neck pain. I also got used to the bike really quickly, I would say 10 minutes and I had the hang of it.

Thumbs Down:At 40 lbs plus, this bike is on the heavy side, and I felt it going up hill. Fortunately, the EZ1 comes with excellent gearing and I didn’t struggle as much.

Sun Bicycles EZ 1 SX

Plans for the future: I would definitely ride this bike to work, I’m also considering doing a 50 mile fun ride on the bike.

Side Note: As I rode along on the trail, I noticed more people riding on recumbents. I have to say that although it seems that I’m a little younger than the typical recumbent rider, I got a lot of thumbs up and a ‘love that bike’ comment from other ‘bent riders.

Sun Bicycles EZ 1 SX

For more information on the EZ1 SX, visit, if you are interested in buying one, call our buddy Scott from RPM cyclery at 951-674-BIKE, he is an authorized Sun Bicycles dealer.

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0 thoughts on “Sun Bicycles EZ1 SX First Impression”

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  2. Bob Bryant says:

    I liked your EZ1 SX review and have linked our blog to it. We also have a piece on the EZ1 this month. I have reviewed the bike several times and find it an excellent value on one of the most user-friendly recumbents there is.

  3. Loren Hackerott says:

    I’ve put several hundred miles on the SX. However I’ve put over 7,000 miles on its sibling the EZ-1 Lite / AX which is the Aluminum version. Yes, it costs more money. But it comes with 100psi tires instead of the 65 psi that come on the SX. It is some 5 pounds lighter according to factory specs; has one more gear in the rear; and has a better quality bottom bracket bearing as I recall.

    I should note that most of the miles on the Lite was with a 20″ front wheel conversion. Note: doing this will void your warranty.

    The handling of the EZ-1 bikes is great and very easy for newbie’s to get used to. The seat height works well for short people and is about two inches shorter that the now out of business BikeE which also had the 16″ Front, 20″ Rear wheel format.

    EZ-1’s are also more multi-user friendly as the seat can be adjusted quickly, and without tools, to fit different riders.

  4. Gayle says:

    I noticed you mentioned a 20″ wheel conversion. I have a love hate relationship with my sun EX 1 Lite due to lots and lots of gravel that I have to cover before ever getting to a road. do you think this would help? (the small diameter tire digs in) I’d really like to be riding my bike – not taking it for a walk. My warranty is out anyway – and I either will sell my bike and get another style (ack – the $$), or try to make this one work better.

    I heard that even though the wheels were much bigger on the short wheel base (good for commuting?), it would still be a bad idea to switch to something like that due to balance vs sticking to the longer base.

    very confused. any help from an unbiased person with much knowledge would be very helpful.


  5. Dianne says:

    I have the Sun EZ1 and it is not the Aluminum version so is a bit heavier. It is the first recumbant I have owned so no other point of reference. I commute to work on it when the weather permits(4 miles each way). Very comfortable ride and I am a bit taller, 5’9″, so the seat is all the way back, as far as it can go. I have taken day trips, 60 miles RT, and no soreness! A great ride all around. I am considering an actual trek, overnight, but would have to invest is paniers,lights (which I should have anyway), fenders, and so on. Am reading the web to get an idea of how complicated this might be. Someone went from my neck o’ the woods (WA) all the way down the coast to San Diego on my cheap verson of a recumbant. So it CAN be done!

  6. Leo Horishny says:

    Following up with Diane’s comment, on the website, there was a trip someone took across South Carolina on a Sun EZ of some sort, so they are taken out and ridden in the real world by folks.
    If some woman can ride a Bike E pulling a trailer across Nevada into Utah and back, an EZ should be able to do at least as well, imo. 😉

  7. I have 5 of the EZ-1 lite (i think because they have the 100 PSI tires) to sell. The kids are raised and gone so do not need them anymore. Anybody have suggestion as to price.

  8. Leo Horishny says:


    Mike at Easy Street Recumbents has been very helpful for me finding accessories and answering questions about the EZ-1 Speedster that I recently bought. (same 1 as yours)
    I am planning on ordering a rack and fenders from him. He has a good selection of panniers on his site for sale, but I am trying to buy a much cheaper used set on Craigslist.
    From your height, I don’t know, but I’m thinking you have your seat waaayy back. I’m 5’8″ and my seat is about 2/3 – 3/4 of the way back, based on a quick and dirty adjustment I’d read on bentrideronline…place your heel against a pedal at the 5:00 position, then set the seat there.
    When I went to a more particular site that measured how to find out your ideal crank length, I was maybe 1/2″ to 1″ off based on that calculator vs. the quick and dirty method.


  9. Leo Horishny says:


    I’d say you might get $500 – $600 per bike, depending on where you advertise and how long you’re willing to wait to sell.
    Just an opinion based on a couple of internet ad searches.

    I picked up my EZ-1 speedster for $175, with a worn seat cover, oxidized chrome and weather cracked tires recently here in Reno, NV.
    I’ve replaced the seat cover and cleaned most of the oxidation with some Brasso. It looks like I have to spend $80 or so for a new set of tires still.


  10. Leo Horishny says:

    To whom it may concern:

    Here’s a link to the catalog for EZ accessories from Easy Street Recumbents if you’re interested.

  11. B Gilman says:

    I can’t believe all the positive feedback here that I can not unfortunately share. I bought an Sun EZ 1 recumbent at Ocean City NJ about 2 years ago after riding it for less then 3o miles I notice a wobble on the paddle crank assembly . I bought it back to the dealer and he ordered a new bike. The way the dealer treated me was just the only nice experience I had with this bike. After riding the new bike I noticed right away the same problem and the front crank gets loose again and starts to wobble. I brought it back to the dealer and had it fixed. But it happened again about 200 miles later on. During that 200 mile a strange popping sound came from the back. Would you believe it the rear wheel spokes starts to break down because the rear wheel weld broke. I should mention that I’m 235 LBS so the bike should handle that. By that time the bike was out of warranty so it was about 45 USD to repair just to discover that repairing a wheel is fruitless you should replace it (75 USD). Another aspect I did not like about the bike is the rear ratio. A normal ride as on riding the Atlantic City Boardwalk can be done only at the last 3 gears. i.e all the slower 18 gears below it are useless.

    I’m fade up. This year I did not ride the bike at all.

    Any suggestion beside finding a sucker on eBay/craigslist

  12. G. Eisele says:

    I’ve had my EZ-1 SX dream machine for 2 1/2 years, and nothing is wrong with it. The factory tires have been replaced with better ones, and I added a basket behind the seat, along with speedometer, mirror, and bell up front. It’s a very smooth shifter with its supposedly cheap quality 24 speed Sram 3.0 derailleur, which still clicks smoothly on original cables. In the first two years, riding only 14 of those 24 months (heavy snow in Washington state), I put nearly 2,500 miles on it, and gave the gears a constant workout. One minor negative is lack of a chain guard, so I slip a headband around my pantleg. It has been a pleasure for comfort and grocery getting. You would not want to use it on unpaved roads, but I can usually do 12 miles in about 80 minutes on blacktop, and about 20 of those minutes are at zero mph while I relax on the comfy seat and enjoy the scenery. This bike is probably way too slow for many people. I crawl up hills in the very easy pedaling lowest gear, and fly at warp speed down them! Well, 34 MPH is fast for this old man! Again, that’s no biggie, since I like to enjoy the view in absolute comfort, and plan to do a 40 mile round trip soon. That’s after I learn how to fix a flat tire! Never had to worry about that (knock on wood!) on this simply wonderful, super comfortable, affordable machine! If wedgie riders could experience the EZ1, many of them would change their thinking about easy-chair bikes!

  13. John Ledman says:

    I have a red 2003 EZ-1 SC with 100 PSI tires w/thorn resistant tubes, 3 tooth bigger front sprocket (I think it’s 56), fenders, rack, Cat Eye headlight and CE twin taillights, bike computer, twin Mirrycles and a bell. I have almost 18K miles on it and absolutely love it. I live in Rockledge on the space coast of FL and am a neighborhood rider. My rides run from 8.5 to about 14 miles. Most are about 10. I cruise at about 11 to 13 MPH depending on the wind. I have always loved riding bikes and reached the point where I couldn’t stand straddling the seat anymore. One day I saw a guy on what I later found out was a Bike E. Shortly thereafter I bought this one. I get favorable comments on it from little kids to oldsters like me. Very little maintenance – wipe the chain after every ride, top the tires off at 90 PSI about once a month and lube the chain about every 700 miles. If it needs more serious maintenance (rarely) I have it done – I like to ride, not repair. In the winter I ride in the daytime and in the summer evenings to after dark.

  14. nick says:

    I have the ez1 recumbent for sale im asking $400 obo iys got everything even solid rubber tires its gear need adjusting but rides great im in phx az if interested contact thx

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