Month: January 2006

Helmet-Cam Attempt Number 2

I’ve long wanted a helmet cam to record some of the fun we have on our rides. A few days ago I reported on the P.O.C. camcorder I got from Wal-mart – which is now back at Wal-mart. A blogging friend (Cory) at posted an article some time ago that inspired me. I’ve dug…

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Pricepoint SALE!

Pricepoint is having a killer sale on Tires and Tubes. Below are samples of the sale. Just click on the pics for the deals!   Price Point:  $9.98   Price Point:  $14.98

Tuesday Report

Here’s an update on commuting by Revive. (Part 1 is here if you missed it)   Back packs / fanny packs are outOf course it’s obvious, see the back rest? Obvious or not, I didn’t realize it until 15 minutes before departure on day 1. Solution? Strap it to the rack. Problem. Pack on rack covers…

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Bike Stats and tips

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just released its bicycle safety statistics for 2004. (Click Here to view PDF) If you compare numbers, cycling is relatively safe. In 2004, 802 cyclist were killed , 5489 pedestrians were killed, and 38,253 were killed in auto accidents. We believe that 802 cyclists killed are still too…

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I still wear mine when I'm not wearing my brace

Biking Bis blog  has a really interesting take on the glut of arm bands and the effect it’s having on charities like the Livestrong Foundation. I never really thought of the band as a fashion trend; possibly a fad – but I’m pretty much way behind on trends and fads anyway. Biking Bis decided to stop…

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