Month: January 2006

Being Overweight is Good For Training

Yes you read the title correctly, being overweight is good for training. How? Well son, let me tell ya. It’s as easy as eating a nice piece of pumpkin pie. I figure when you’re overweight and you ride, your muscles start to acclimate to the amount of work it needs to do in order for…

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Amgen Tour of California

I’d never sat down and watch road racing before Lance’s 7th win @ Le Tour de France. I have to admit that I liked it. I was fascinated by the strategies and the different ‘chess matches’ that happened during the race. Well, now I will have a chance to experience Pro-peloton racing close to home….

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Men enjoy others' misfortune more than women – study

LONDON (Reuters) – Germans have a word for it — schadenfreude — and when it comes to getting pleasure from someone else’s misfortune, men seem to enjoy it more than women. Such is the conclusion reached by scientists at University College London in what they say is the first neuroscientific evidence of schadenfreude. Read More…

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We Offer Test Rides!

How would you like to test ride some of the bikes we’ve been reviewing? Well, today is your lucky day! We’ve had the privileged to test out of some the industry’s highest quality products. Now we’d like for you to enjoy that experience. We’ll be setting up dates and times within the next few weeks…

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Tony Hawk Helmet Cam

I was excited when I found the Tony Hawk Helmet Cam at Wal-Mart. I thought this would be the cheap helmet camera I was searching for. The website has some decent video clips on it – so I thought I’d try it out. The long and short of this video camera? Total piece of crap. Not…

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The Helmet Debate

I decided to do some searches regarding helmet safety, I found this interesting site that has information on both sides of the coin, here’s an example: Evidence that helmets are effective *Case-control studies generally support helmet use. The most widely-publicised studies claim that helmets reduce 90% of fatalities, 85% of head injuries and 88% of…

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To Lid or not to Lid

You’ve probably seen them riding, in fact, they probably outnumber you: riders with no helmet. I often perceive these people as foolish, but I remember riding without a helmet for the first 30 or so years of my life. So its a helmet a life saver or just a marketing ploy? Click here to keep…

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505 Makeover – Commuter Style

I love 3 day weekends. It’s like a free mini-vacation. I had a blast riding this weekend. Saturday I did the trails at Flat Rock on the 505 AGAIN! Can’t get enough. Today my buddy Bruce and I did an urban assault, attacking 4 parking garages and other various city sites. Tomorrow at 7:45 AM sharp,…

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