Month: January 2006

Walk the Talk (aka Bike the Hype)

Recently, I decided it was time to walk the talk and really ride my bike as much as I possibly could for all of my daily transportation needs. The idea was for my Honda Element to sit in my driveway except when I was embarking on long trips or had loads too big for my…

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The 505 went down to Georgia

The 505 went down to Georgia, lookin for a soul to steal… I’ve made a full report on the 505, up till now anyway. The article is available in a PDF format HERE. I did get a full tune up, adjusted everything to work like new again, and setup the bike to fit me just…

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A New Blog for the New Year

I’ve decided to liven things up at with a new Blog. I’ll be renumerating on all of the events that are spinning through the Wandering World. What is going on anyway? I just got a call from Outside Magazine. They are doing a piece on the CELLO for the Spring touring section. Always very…

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What to do with my spare time?

In about 5 weeks or so, I should be graduating with my BS in Business/Information Technology from UOP. So I sit here wondering…what should I do with my spare time now that I don’t have to be studying, reading or learning…. Ok here’s my list of things I came up with: 1. Finish that novel…

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Worth another look!

(This is from a previous post by RL) There is a point at which commitment is no longer a choice – that’s when you know you’re doing it right, even if it ain’t purty! Way to go RL   See the Crash AGAIN!

20 Ways You Waste Money On Your Car

I was reading an article on MSN about “20 ways you waste money on your car.” The listed off some of the obvious such as permium gas, 3,000 mile oil changes, not knowing how to change a flat tire or wiper blades or etc. You can read more HERE. With that in mind, I wanted…

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