Xootr Swift Review

Xootr Swift

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The Swift, folded
My background:
I am 5?7?, 165 lbs. I ride a Giant TCR for road, a Specialized FSR XC M4 S-Works for MTB, a Kona Smoke, Ibex Corrida and an Ibex Xray for my commute. I am avid cyclist that enjoys all sort of riding. I am also a bike commuter traveling 21 miles round trip.

Testing Grounds:
The mean streets of L.A, The Pecos River Walk and the San Gabriel River trail.

Overview: One glance at the Swift and you automatically think ‘kid’s bike’. One ride on the Swift and you automatically think ‘bad ass bike’.

Here are the specs on this awesome bike:

Xootr Swift
Xootr Swift

Frame. 6061-T6 custom-profiled aluminum tubing, TIG welded. Patent-pending TrusFold system for maximum frame rigidity. Horizontal dropouts with replaceable derailleur hanger. CroMoly straight taper fork.
Wheels. Aluminum box-section rims, 36H, with spoke eyelets and machined sidewalls; 2mm stainless steel spokes; Quando CNC machined hubs with sealed bearings. Kenda Kwest 20 x 1.5 100psi tire.
Drivetrain. SRAM 5.0 twist grip shifter; SRAM 4.0 derailleur; SRAM PG-850 11-28T cassette; Jagwire derailleur cable; KMC Z72 chain; 52T single-chainwheel aluminum alloy crankset (170mm) with chainguard. Sealed-cartridge bottom bracket.
Pedals. Wellgo 924, aluminum alloy cage and body
Handlebar. 500mm width aluminum alloy with SRAM rubber grips.
Seat. Velo VLG-3029 Plush Comfort with Ozone. (This is a mid-width recreation saddle. Sport riders may wish to swap in a narrow racing saddle.)
Seat Post. 6061-T6 aluminum; 590mm 32.9mm; microadjust clamp (length cut to match rider size at factory or dealer).
Weight. 9.9 kg (22 lbs.).

What I liked:
I really liked the way this bike rode. It’s fast due to its gearing and weight, it is really maneuverable due to the short wheelbase, the saddle is super comfortable, the shifting is fast and precise, you forget that this bike is a folding bike. Did I get a lot of looks and snickers? You bet! But once they saw how fast this bike moved, the snickers turned to looks of amazement.

What I didn’t like:
I had some reservations about riding the Swift, there was one thing holding me back, the spare tubes. Here’s the thing, the Swift uses 20X1.5 100PSI Presta Valve Tubes. The tubes were a little hard to find on any of my Local Bike Shops. I’m not much of a patcher, and since it’s easier and faster to change a tube while on my way to work, I consider a spare tube a necessity. The pedals on this bike don’t do justice to it, I swapped the Wellgo pedals for some Candy C eggbeater pedals, huge difference.

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I’ve read the price of $679.00 for this bike is too high. Well, obviously they haven’t ridden the Swift. This bike is awesome for commuting, training, fun rides, errands, and it’s folding capabilities makes this bike worth the money.

Here’s a video of how easy and fast it is to fold the Swift.

For more information visit the Xootr website at www.xootr.com

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28 thoughts on “Xootr Swift Review”

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  3. jj says:

    I think the portbility is awesome – if it’s a good ride on top of that, it’s an unbeatable traveling companion. I’ll be going out west this April. 3 days will be at the Grand Canyon and surrounding area. If I had a folding bike, it would be in the trunk.

  4. […] er size at factory or dealer). Weight. 9.9 kg (22 lbs.). […]

  5. James says:

    I’ve been commuting with my Swift on the train between San Francisco and Silicon Valley for almost a year now: rain or shine, day or night. I wouldn’t consider any other folding bike (or non-folding bike for that matter) for the simple fact that the Swift has been ultra-reliable, convenient, easy to work on, and above all, a superior ride compared to a horizontally-folding bike such as the Dahon (which I also own one of, by the way), and other re-badged Dahon clones. $679 may be steep for some, but in order to get a folding frame as stiff and as solid as the Swift, you’ll have to spend $1000-$2000 for a Bike Friday, which according to one Friday owner I met on the train, still doesn’t deliver the same frame rigidity of the Swift.

    Granted that tires and tubes won’t be had at most local bike shops, there are a few good online retailers specializing in 20″ wheel supplies. I get mine from Hostel Shoppe (http://www.hostelshoppe.com/recumbent_catalog.php).

    Did I mention the Swift is easy to work on? One thing you’ll notice with many folding bike brands is the use of propritary, non-standard bike parts. This is where I was really burned with my Dahon: parts availability and interchangeability. Aside from the seatpost and stempost, the Swift uses ALL STANDARD BIKE PARTS. This means I can walk into and local bike shop and find parts that will work with my Swift right off the shelf. Don’t beleive me? Have a look at my self-customized single-speed Swift conversion, put-together from an eclectic mix of parts from PerformanceBike, BikeNashbar, On-one, EndlessBikes, and even DansComp (BMX):


    One often overlooked feature of the Swift that DIY bike mechanics will love is that the Swift’s rear dropouts are spaced 132.5mm: this means the bike can accomodate a 130mm road bike hub, OR a 135mm mountain bike hub. 8-speed, 9-speed, 10-speed, OR single-speed/fixed gear, the Swift can accomodate whatever you dig most.

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  18. Seth says:

    Hey what do you do for water bottles?

  19. Moe says:

    I added a Minoura Bottle holder that attaches to the rails of the saddle. It holds 2 water bottles. Pretty sweet. Check out http://commutebybike.com/2006/04/10/xootr-swift-er/

  20. Seth says:

    That works.

    One more question. The Xootr is a folder so it hinges. The release per your video looks like an adjustable seatpost clamp thingy. Any problems with “slippage” or the hinge “loosening” up. Does the fit stay tight over time or is the bike getting sloppy?


  21. Moe says:

    No slippage, no loosening, the quality of the Swift is excellent. I’ve taken the bike off-road as well, the bike holds up pretty good.

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  23. flasky says:

    I’ve been commuting on my Swift for about a month, with nothing but joy and praise. Fast and great handling. Switched out to a moustache bar and CrankBros Candy pedals, as I found the stock bar too short (tall riders like me take note!). Love it. BTW, my tubes came as Schraders.

  24. Allan says:

    Rode one of these over the weekend, and was quite impressed. Like everyone said, the frame is stiff. I am looking for another folder as the one have got a crack in the frame. Can’t really blame the bike as I weigh about 245# and doubt it was made for someone as heavy as me. This was a prototype from China btw. Anyways I’m in the market for another folder and I think it’s between the Xootr and KHS F20. I haven’t rode the KHS so I couldn’t say anything about it. I really like how they designed the Xootr so it would have to be a pretty good sales pitch by KHS. Great move on Xootr part to make it easy for the owners to swap out parts. I owned a Dahon and that was one thing I hated, hard to customize the thing. I hope it’s a new dawn here in the states and we’ll start seeing more of these bikes of this style and caliber from other makers.

    Peace, Allan


  25. EffDat says:

    thats all the folding it does? if so then THAT SUCKS!

  26. Bill Sokolos says:


    Trade off. Bikes that fold and fit in your douche bag dont ride as well, they’re not as tight. This bike was designed for the quality of ride, so it doesnt fold as much.

    I suggest you get a Dahon and then realize the shallowness of your comment.

    Eff you EffDat. Eff you.


  27. stvjns says:

    What is the favored street-locking system for this bike? I realize that the folding is, for some folks, the alternative to needing a bike lock, but in my (daughter’s) case, there is a need to lock the bike up on the street or in the public-access building (school). But I don’t see a gracious way to carry a u-lock in the frame, like what works great on my non-folding bike. Does anyone have an elegant solution to this issue? THANKS!

  28. Adam says:

    I think that you could get yourself some of the handcuff bike locks and be ok.

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