Bailey Works Messenger Bag

Bailey Works Messenger Bag

You’ve probably seen RL carrying his kids on this messenger bag, but how did it do on my commute to work?

Here’s my first impression of the Bailey Works Messenger Bag:

When RL showed me the bag, I noticed the high quality of materials used right away. The bag looked like it can take some serious abuse.

I stuffed the bag with my clothes, magazines and my lunch bag. Everything fit and I still had room to spare. One of my concerns was that the bag was kind of heavy with all my stuff inside and it was going to be unconfortable to ride. Once I strapped the bag on, I didn’t notice the weight at all.

Bailey Works Messenger Bag

The front strap is really padded and the way the bag hangs on your body makes it super comfortable. You can forget that you have a bag of this size on your back.

Bailey Works Messenger Bag

I like riding to work with this bag. The Xootr Swift nor the Ibex X-ray have rear racks, this mesenger bag is really convenient for my commute.

Bailey Works Messenger Bag

Stay tuned for my full review coming soon. Meanwhile visit Bailey Works new redesigned site at

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0 thoughts on “Bailey Works Messenger Bag”

  1. jj says:

    I have a question… I currently use a two strap traditional day pack style – I have plenty of space, I don’t carry much. It’s comfortable enough that I have no problem with a couple hours ride. How much more comfy is the one strap deal? It looks like it would move around more. Which would you commute with if both were equally cmofy – a messenger style or two strap style?

  2. Moe Ramirez says:

    The bag comes with a ‘split strap’. Quoting from Bailey Works: ‘An integrated padded strap that balances the bag high on your shoulder and allows you to adjust the bag with one hand easily. Pull the lower ring and the strap brings the bag high and tight on your shoulder.’

    I don’t commute with any type of backpacks, I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it’s more comfortable than a 2 strap pack.

  3. RL Policar says:

    Back packs suck. They leave you all sweaty and your shoulders tend to get sore depending on how heavy your load is.


  4. Steve says:

    Got one of the Bailey Works bags after a I noticed a coworker wearing one. He’s big into biking. I’m starting with the bag. Love it, though

  5. ex-messer says:

    If you go to this event you’ll see a good bit of the best messenger bags there are. Already 5-6 messenger bag companies are showing up to support with a few more expected.

    but the real reason to go is the parties & the races

    it’s wild these days, back when I did this we all rode mountain bikes, now you see everything

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