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Most of the questions we ask is because we want to know what other commuters out there are doing. If you have a funny, inspirational or you just want to share your story let us know, we would love to hear from you.
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0 thoughts on “We would love to hear from you”

  1. Tyler Pike says:

    Hello commutebybike.com, I am a student and competetive cyclist at Arizona State. I ride my bike 3 miles to school one way, and the same back obviously. I’ve had my fair share of confrontations, all verbal, and one serious accident that landed me up in the hospital, but the driver was sited and his insurance luckily paid for my damaged stuff (bike, bodily injuries).

    Nothing compares to what occurred the other day though, here is the email I wrote to my teammates:

    Approximately at 5:30 this evening, I was riding my bike home from school- on
    roosevelt. I was just passing Southern, and ready to take a left onto my street-
    Malibu, and obviously had to come out and cross over to make the turn. Before I
    could make the turn though, a silver chevy malibu hatchback who had honked at me
    previously, carrying a hispanic women driving, hispanic male in the passenger
    and a baby in a car seat in the back. The hispanic male rolled down his window,
    grabbed my arm and tried to pull me off my bike, I then reacted with a closed
    fist to his window leaving a streak mark of some kind. I obviously started
    cursing feriously and followed the car, because obviuosly I was pissed and thats
    assualt brotha!

    I ended up at La Jolla and Kyrene, where the hispanic male leaped out of his
    car, tackled me to the ground, dragged me in a headlock over to a neighbors
    gravel yard, and repeatedley punched me closed fist in the back of the head and
    face, and heel stomped my back, legs, and obliques.

    Luckily many of my neighbors carry guns, and a few ran out with glocks,
    shotguns, the usual. The couple sped away, but I was left on the ground bloody
    and sore and painful as ever. Truly was the most frightening event in a while, I
    was scared as hell, I didnt know if he had a gun or not?

    I filed a police report, have the plate numbers, not letters, so cops are
    working on trying to find him. Neighbors were able to get pretty detailed
    descriptions of the guy, so hopefully he will be brought to justice. As far as
    this weekend is concerned and riding, I’ve never had my ass kicked this badly
    before, and Im pretty positive that my face which is now swollen and sore, will
    be worse tomorrow.

    A friendly reminder to all of us who ride on streets (even in this case where
    its residential) that crazy people are everywhere, and you don’t know if they
    have guns, etc. Be Careful!

  2. RL Policar says:

    Tyler, send us some pics and we’ll post your story.



  3. Jay says:

    Let me get this straight…a car drives by you on the bike, tries to pull you off, you initially fight back with a closed fist (perfectly natural reaction) and then you decide to chase the car???? What did you think the result might be? I’m sorry for your injuries and I’m not happy you got hurt, but you have to admit that was a bonehead decision. Why did you feel the need to chase after the car?? Did you think the guy was going to jump out of the car, drop to his knees, beg your forgiveness and pledge to share the road with cyclists for all eternity??? Next time count your blessing you didn’t initially get hurt, and ride home peacefully.

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