Month: March 2006

Dangit, that hurts!

So there I was at the gym running on the treadmill. I knew there was something odd about my run, I felt some pain on my hip but ignored it. As soon as I got off I felt some pain in my left knee. Dang man, I couldn’t beleive that I just hurt my self!…

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Need some rubber for protection?

Let’s say your commuter bike is not just some Wally World special, but its actually a piece of engineering art, and its expensive and you like the paint job. Well you’re in luck pal, the folks at Instructables came up with a way to protect your bike from the daily abuses of your commute, and…

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Commuting by Bike, Part II

I rode to work on the ‘Electric bike’ about 4 times. I found myself pedaling most of the way to work and most of the way back. I felt like I was cheating by using the Electric Motor. Being an Ebay Junkie, I did a search on ‘Commuter Bikes’, and there it was… A Kona…

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Woodstock 505

Woodstock 505 Brief Description: If your commute involves some trail riding or if you want a commuter/recreational bike, the Woodstock 505 is good choice. Manufacturer: Woodstock Bikes Price Range: $599.99 Where to Buy it:Woodstock website. Specs: Click here for our Commuter Review.

Beautiful Brea

On Sunday morning right before church, I decided to play tourist and took the KHS Latte on a little ride to DownTown Brea. There’s a statue that I love that is right on Brea Blvd  between Tower Records and the Italian restaurant. Check it out!     Its basically an angel busting through a wall…Here’s…

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2 Ft of Snow

It’s been a long dry winter in Northern AZ, but finally the skies have opened up and dumped 2 feet of snow on us. The moisture was much needed and it is great to see the snow again. But being cooped up in the house for a week makes me long for the summer cycling…

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Giatex Sport*able

2005 Giatex Sport*able Brief Description: Small inexpensive bike that can stretch in seconds. Perfect for those train/short bike commute combinations. Manufacturer: Giatex Price Range: $255 -$359 Where to buy: Online Dealers and Select Dealers Specs: Frame: Hi Ten Steel Stretching Tube: Stainless Steel Handlebar Stem: Adjustable in seconds with no tools required Seat Post: Adjustable…

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Sun Bicycles EZ1 SX

2005 Sun Bicycles EZ1 SX Brief Description: This is one of the easiest, most comfortable and predictable entry level recumbents to ride. Manufacturer: Sun Bicycles Price Range: $500-$600 Where to buy: Select Dealers Specs: Wheel Base: 56.5″ (143cm) Overall Length: 73″ (185cm) Seat Height: 24.5″ (62mm) X-Seam Range: 34-48″ (84-122cm) Gear Inch Value: 17.5 to…

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