Rain and Motorists Means Wet Cyclists

So there you are riding your bike, its raining and all you want to do is get to your destination.
Then out of no where, some punk motorist splashes you with water from a near by puddle….
Now you’re wet and pissed! What do you do? Or better yet, what can you do?

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0 thoughts on “Rain and Motorists Means Wet Cyclists”

  1. RL Policar says:

    In a situation like this, I’m not so sure if there’s any type of retribution that can be initialized. Now that would really suck if you were riding an electric bike…

  2. Jay says:

    There’s nothing you can do, part of the joy of biking. Play the hand you’re dealt and keep riding home. By the way, not long ago I was driving and some guy was jaywalking across the street verrrry slowly. He was coming from the left so I had plenty of time to pass by in my own lane while he was sauntering into traffic. I was paying attention as to whether I should slow or keep going as I’m a careful driver (likely because I bike to work daily). Since I was watching the pedestrian I did not see the pothole full of water. The pedestrian had just started to step into the oncoming traffic lane when my tire hit the pothole and drenched him from head to toe. If I would have seen the pothole I would have swerved right or stopped. In my rear view mirror he stopped in the middle of the street, gestured and yelled what was probably a string of obscenities. Sorry man, I was driving safely trying to make up for your jaywalking to be safe and I soaked you. Sometimes these things happen totally unintentionally.

  3. pedalmaniac says:

    I remember when I was a kid my dad and I were standing waiting for a walk signal. It was wet, a car came really close ( he kinda swerved) and hit a puddle. Clearly he was trying to spray us. Anyway, my dad got his license plate number called the cops. He found out that, as far as I can remember, it is a driver’s responsibility to miss the puddles (within reason) and, since we got his license plate #, he had to pay for our cleaning bill! I doubt this would happen these days though.

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