It Never Rains In Southern California

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Theres a song…before I was born…that talks about how it never rains in Southern California.
Albert Hammond

Well, that songs is so wrong right about now. It’s been raining at least once a week here and as I look outside…yup its raining cats and dogs.

cats and dogs

With all this rain, I’ve seen people use rain gear for commuting, some use trash bags and other just don’t use anything but the jacket on their back.

rain poncho
What are some ways to commute in the rain and keep dry? How do you keep your feet from getting soaked? Do plastic bags work?

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0 thoughts on “It Never Rains In Southern California”

  1. pedalmaniac says:

    Plastic bags do NOT work. What happens with plastic is that you develop your own weather system inside. It’s a tropical weather system with a lot of uncomfortable mioistness which leaves you both hot and wet — I’d rather be cool (not cold) and wet personally. I used to ride with a shower cap (you know the ones you get in hotels) over my helmet. I found I just sweatted more and when the sweat ran down into my eyes it seemed to be radioactive and stung like crazy.

    I ride in the pacific northwest — a termperate rainforest. I commute all year round. The things that I have found work best in the winter are: Gortex cyling rain jacket (yes it is expensive, but mine has lasted over 10 years), tights with gortex fronts, shoe covers (pack cloth — water proof) tucked inside the tights so water can run down the tights and over the shoes. And the most important feature of all — Fenders with mudflaps.

    In the summer or warmer weather, I still wear the gortex jacket — pit zips open, but usually wear shorts and the shoe covers. My fenders are always on my commuter.

    I have also tried a poncho. Don’t laugh. Ponchos can cover you and your bike and create a nice breeze from under the bike up into the poncho keeping you cool. I cut the hood of the poncho so that it doesn’t get in the way. You still need fenders otherwise water will shoot up under your poncho from your tires.

  2. Moe says:

    You are a better commuter than I am. I usually refrain from commuting in the rain for 2 reasons:

    1. Angelinos CAN’T drive on the rain. For some reason most drivers think that they can still drive like maniacs while is raining.

    2. I work in a office where they wouldn’t appreciate me coming in all soaked.

  3. pedalmaniac says:

    I’m lucky I guess, We have shower facilities and lockers at my workplace.
    Vancouverites can’t drive period — so it makes no difference rain or shine!

  4. Randy says:

    Maniac, those are great ideas. But I would have to agree with Moe on this one. Riding a bike to work in the rain is not my idea of fun. If it’s pouring outside, I would definately prefer to jump in my car. But on the other hand, if I’m out riding for fun, being in the rain is an awesome feeling! I’m sure most of you would agree. There’s just something about it that makes me pedal faster and hit the jumps harder. “If it aint rainin, it aint trainin.”

  5. Randy says:

    Raining cats and dogs, that’s a funny picture!

  6. chuwa says:

    I enjoy cycling to work all year round in Singapore, rain or dry.
    Riding in the rain is more challenging (dangerous) but is more fun. I don’t care if I get wet because I will take a shower after riding anyway. I focus entirely on the road. Luckily there is a shower cube at work. The most important gear is a cap, to prevent water get in between my glasses and my eyes. Then it’s a plastic bag to cover my dry cloths. I use a small wheel, single speed folding bike and have not fender. I simply wipe it clean while it is still wet.

  7. Nick James says:

    I have the luxury of working in a laid-back New York photo studio, so showing up to work soaking wet isn’t that big a deal (better than showing up drunk). I always have an entire change of clothes at work. I keep a pair of jeans and shoes there, and bring in a fresh shirt each day in my bag, rotating out the jeans every week. Now that we’re into the rainy season, I also keep a change of socks and underwear at work, just in case I get soaked through and through.

    The only weather that’s kept me from biking in was that blizzard we had back in February, and even then, I took only two days off the bike.

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