Month: May 2006

Ergon Grips First Impression

I installed the Ergon Grips for gripshifts on the Xootr Swift, I figured that the bar ends will help me climb better since the bike’s wheelbase is rather compact. I rode my 20 mile commute and I was very impressed by these grips. I do own a pair of Specialized Ergo Grips, but they are…

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Sexism on the Road?

So do you think your gender may influence your safety on the road? After a month now of commuting to work by bike I have noticed that I get a different reaction from drivers depending on their gender. Females tend to be more impatient than the males. I am curious to know if it would…

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Found A Recruit

From left to right: John, Eri, Randy Do you ever feel like a recruiter when it comes to cycling? I always try to get someone to go out for a ride with me. The other day my buddy Eri and I took our new neighbor John out for a ride to City Island. He started…

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Reflectors-Yes or No?

Personally I remove all of the reflectors on any of my bikes and use lights and blinkies at night. But someone once told me that its illegal for you to not have reflectors on your bike when riding at night. With that in mind I decided to see what THE MAN had to say about…

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Bicycle Hooks

Bicycle hooks are a very economical way to store your bikes or spare wheels. You could pick them up at your local bike shop 2 for a buck. You just screw them on ceiling beams and hang your bikes. Have you ever heard of these hooks damaging bikes from hanging too long?

$3 Gas/Allure of Summer Evening Cruises

Those of us who applaud all things cycling are quietly applauding the rise of the price of gas to $3 per gallon. I applaud especially, as I ride past the gas stations with everyone’s faces turned long as the pump drains their credit card. Not only do I applaud $3 gas, I would like to…

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Awesome Ride

Everyone knows that what you eat or drink could effect how your body performs. Today, I found out how a couple of hard hitting nights of drinking took a toll on my body. It all started Friday afternoon when a few friends came over. Once that beer touched my lips, I knew that I was…

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  Today Priscilla and I were arguing back and forth about bicycles and kickstands. My deal was that I don’t think bikes need kickstands because of a few reasons: Weight Looks dorky! Noise Kickstand can shift and move into the spokes, causing damage to the wheel   Here argument: Convenience   AYE! I just don’t…

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Great Video How-To

I found a truly nice how-to about videos… And the dude has a very large video collection to back it up. Be sure to check out the Sedonna series – and notice the SMOOTH video. Very nice.   CLICK HERE to visit his site.

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