Do You Have a Death Wish or Something?

I don’t get it. I see so many people riding their bikes without helmets. The worst offense is seeing a family ride bikes but only the kids have the helmets and the dad or mom don’t even bother. Or if they do wear one, its on the wrong way!


I once worked with a guy that rode 12 miles each way to work. He never wore a helmet because he said that it would mess up his hair. So there I was thinking, but dude, you’re hair is thining anyways you might as well protect what little you have!

Nice Sign

I’ve even heard some say that its too uncomfortable or expensive. Dang man, I’d rather be uncomfortable for a little bit than having a head injury from a crash. Besides helmets are so cheap nowadays. In fact my own helmet only cost me $16 at Wally World and it was made by a reputable company, Bell.

Helmet safety

I have to say that I notice more roadies than any other group of cyclists DO NOT wear helmets when they ride. Wait I take that back. The other group would be…how do I put this in a PC term… would be people such as laborers that use the bicycle as their main source of transportation.

no helmet

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0 thoughts on “Do You Have a Death Wish or Something?”

  1. Nick says:

    I’ll admit, I don’t wear my helmet every time I ride. If I’m just heading to a friend’s place or a bar nearby, I’ll leave the helmet at home, but I always wear it when I commute. A co-worker used to give me a hard time about it, since he rides without one, but I think those of us who choose to protect our heads shouldn’t give any flak those who don’t. It’s as irritating as the reverse. I’ve heard every possible justification not to wear one, including one person who thought that he rode safer without a helmet on because he didn’t have the option of protection, but I think it comes down to the inescapable fact that they look pretty silly. Some care enough about that not to wear one, some don’t. Personally, they don’t bother me, so I wear one, but few people wear them in European cities (Amsterdam, for example) where biking is more prevalent as a form of transportation, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. Travis says:

    Actually the new german law is 15 euro fine, and if you have a kid, its 40 Euro Fine. Having a cell phone in your hand is a fine while riding your bike of 25 euro.

    The fine for having one in your hand while driving is 40 Euro for example.


  3. Jay says:

    A couple months ago on a rail trail I frequent a lady riding without a helmet went over the handle bars when a group of walkers suddenly decided to change directions without looking. She hit her head on the asphalt and killed her. I ALWAYS wear my helmet no matter how short the trip…it is the cheapest insurance you’ll ever find. I don’t care if people think I look stupid, if I cared about that I wouldn’t be biking to work in the first place.

  4. Moe says:

    My co-workers think I have a death wish by just commuting by bike to work. I always ride with a helmet and I also make my daughter ride with a helmet as well. As Jay said, it’s cheap insurance and if you are worried if your hair gets messed up, imagine how your head is going to look when you peel your scalp off the pavement.

  5. Nick says:

    Thanks, Travis, I didn’t know helmets were compulsory in Germany. They aren’t here in NYC if the rider is over the age of 14, which I prefer. I’m against compulsory helmets because I think it promotes a view that cycling is dangerous, and that you need special clothing and equipment to do it safely. When the belief that cycling is safe, easy and convenient is prevalent, more people cycle, and when more people cycle, cycling becomes safer.

  6. Alberto says:

    I hope that guy with the baby on his back was only just taking a picture. If he was actually riding he is a homicidal maniac. Some people just depress me. But don’t tell me, he hit his head as a kid while riding his bike without a helmet. Right.


  7. RL Policar says:

    I’m not too sure about the story on the pic. I did a search for family bike ride on Google and found it to prove my point.

    But I do hope it was just for a pose, if so the person that took that picture had the same amount of judgement as the dad. I mean if you see something so idiotic most people would say something.

  8. Randy says:

    I would have to say that the man on the picture with the baby carrier is an idiot! Can you imagine what could happen if he took a fall on that bike?

    Just as mentioned before, different states or countries have different helmet laws. In the end it is up to the rider if he/she decides to put one on or not. So if you decide to push your luck, go for it. Nick, a BAR? I too like going to bars but would not ride a bike to one. Not much room for a designated driver if needed. You could get a DUI even on a bicycle.

  9. Travis says:

    Well those are the laws here… but most people do not use them.

    I go to bars on my bike all the time. The bar is where my friends hang out. We usually meet at this bar and use that as a start and end point for our rides. Its for people of all skill levels so we usually bike 40km to a different bar (have a beer), and come back and have another beer.

    There is a risk of DUI, but there is also one with going to a bar with a car. Police usually dont follow bikes on bike trails.


  10. Randy says:

    Actually Travis, I think I spoke too soon. It appears that you can legally ride your bike under the influence.

  11. Travis says:

    In the military you can get a DUI on a bike on bases. I have seen that many times.

    but i was looking at the revised laws as of May 1st. I think you cant get a DUI in germany on a bike. The new ordance is writen “behind the wheel”.


  12. Nick says:

    Randy: I won’t lie. I’ve ridden home with a couple beers in me, but, when I’m too drunk to ride, I just walk the bike home, easy as pie. Can’t walk a car home, can you?

    I think you’ll find that people like me who use their bikes as their only mode of transportation are more likely to go without helmets on occasion or altogether. Cars kill more pedestrians than cyclists in New York (the ratio is something like 10:1), but pedestrians don’t wear helmets, even though many pedestrian deaths would probably have been prevented with one. I think kids should be required to wear helmets, cause kids are stupid, but I don’t think it should be compulsory, and I don’t think either side of the debate should be dogmatic about it, because it deters potential bikers.

    I personally choose to wear a helmet most of the time because I bike on busy city streets, but in cases where kids are not involved, I think it should be up to the rider.

  13. eddy says:

    When I was in college, I used to log about 30 miles a day, never with a helmet. This wasn’t a commute, just riding for fun. Obviously (or maybe not) I also used my bike for commuting purposes. One day while crossing from Cambridge into Boston on Mass Ave, I got nailed by a car making a right turn from the left lane. It was one of those roll over the top of the hood deals. Luckily, I only messed up my hand and had a lot of scratches pretty much all over. I’ve worn a helmet since then, about 15 years. I currently commute in NYC and now that I have kids I always wear a helmet. And I still kind of hate it.

  14. I think the majority of us would see the importance of the helmet after experiencing an accident like that. Glad you lived to share that with us. As for won’t see me riding without my helmet on. I have little ones depending on me…and I know that piece of foam on my head may be the difference between enjoying that bike ride for years to come or God forbid, my death bed. The fact of the matter is that there are some idiot drivers out there…and accidents do happen.

  15. Moe says:

    OK, OK, I confess… I don’t wear a helmet when I ride my beach cruiser. I just don’t have a helmet that would fit the style of a beach cruiser, if I had one I would wear one.

  16. Randy says:

    What is this Sunday mass? Everyone seems to be confessing about their deadly sins.

  17. RL Policar says:

    Since we’re confessing, there was this one time in camp…um well…oh wait…nevermind…

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