DUI On a Bike Legal?

I stand corrected. Riding a bike under the influence may be legal. I did a little research and came across this.

“Starting July first, South Dakota bar owners may want to install hitching posts and bike racks out front. That’s when a new law takes effect that insulates bike and horse riders from being arrested for drunken driving. Intoxicated South Dakotans should be able to ride horses or bikes home from bars without fear of being arrested for drunken driving, legislators decided Wednesday.”


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0 thoughts on “DUI On a Bike Legal?”

  1. Randy says:

    I guess the reasoning behind it is that “Driving” is a term used for motorized vehicles. If I had to choose, I would prefer drunken people get on a bike rather than behind the wheel of a car. That would definately be a Kodak moment.

  2. Travis Beard says:

    Driving is not necessarily only dealing with motorized Vehicles. Your can drive a Team of horses or Mules.

    But i see what this law really does. It takes away a bikes status of being a vehicle. Meaning it may not get the same rights on roads.


  3. gary dolling says:

    when will this country wake up,some third world countrys exacute for dui.is that what were becoming,we are loseing are rights on a daily basic.the small business man dosent stand a chance in hell if he owns a bar on a main street,because our cops bird dog vehicles parked in front of saloons and wait for the kill when the vehicle drives away. rideing a bike or a horse from a bar is not going to hurt the public you may hurt yourself but thats our choice.

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