Self-Fulfilling Day

Early this morning, I went out for a ride with my buddy Eri. I figure with a long day ahead of us, it’s a great way to start it off. We rode out to the Capitol, Harrisburg, and took a few pictures along the way.

Eri with the sun rising.


Randy in front of the Capitol Building.


Today the Young Eagle Flight Party also known as the Spina Bifida Fly In was held at the Capital City Airport in New Cumberland, PA. There were free static displays, airplane, helicopter, classic car, and Police car rides for our friends with special needs. Among the several dozens of volunteers were both Active and Retired Military.

From left to right are:
Marine CPL Alen Abetria, Army SGT Eri Ramos, SSG(P) Mike Morris, SGT Randy Policar, SGT Kasey Carr


When asked why volunteer for an event like this? SSG Mike Morris simply said, “It’s selfless service. By helping those in need is my way of giving back to the community”.

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2 thoughts on “Self-Fulfilling Day”

  1. RL Policar says:

    You should have ridden down the steps of the Capitol.

  2. Randy says:

    If I do, my next picture would be a mug shot!

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