Soon to be famous

I wrote about being a bike commuter buddy to anyone that would ride their bike to work from Whittier to Downey, CA about 3 weeks ago. Although I didn’t get any takers on my offer, I did get an email from my local newspaper, The Whittier Daily News, asking if I could give them an interview about being a bike commuter. The article will be published on Monday, right at the start of Bike to Work week. I feels good when something that I enjoy doing gets noticed, all thanks to this little Blog we all call

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0 thoughts on “Soon to be famous”

  1. Randy says:

    That’s pretty cool. Could I get an autograph before it gets too expensive? Congrats!

  2. RL Policar says:

    Congrats Moe! Yeah we better get all of our stuff signed before he gets famous, that way we can sell it on Ebay later, hehe!

  3. Moe says:

    I will be having an autograph session at the Whitwood mall on Monday. You can take your newspaper and I will sign it for you.

  4. j j says:

    Wow – I knew you when…

  5. Jay says:

    Ok, Ok…can I brag too?? I submitted an article to the Dollar Stretcher newsletter in 2004. They paid me $60 for the rights to it and it showed up on their web site a couple months later. Just last month they ran it again in their hardcopy version.

    If you’re interested…

    Good luck Moe, thanks for being one additional voice of reason out there…

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