Stupid Politics

Unfortunately I had to drive to work today. As I drove thru my route, I pictured myself riding the KHS Urban X passing all the cars that were stuck in traffic. Once I got on the freeway, I really missed my bike. Stupid traffic was going 5 mph.

But the thing that pisses me off the most its my office’s stupid politics. There seems to be 1 or more (not sure) disgruntled employees that think that bike commuters get preferential treatment. I was approached by my supervisor and he told me that I should arrive earlier when I ride my bike since the 10 minutes that I take to freshen up and the 5 minutes that I take to get ready to go home were interfering with my work. Here’s the kicker, about 45% of my co-workers arrive later than I do and they drive!! What is the first thing that some of them do when they get to work? Go get their coffee or put make up on, WTF!!!

Although my supervisor agreed with me that I was being singled out because I ride a bike, there was nothing he could do. So since I need to leave work 1/2 hour early today, its OK because I’m driving my truck and not riding my bike. So who is really getting preferential treatment here???

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0 thoughts on “Stupid Politics”

  1. Nick says:

    Sounds like someone at your office wishes their photo were on the front page.

  2. Randy says:

    That blows the BIG one! You should see some of the workers in one of the warehouses we have to work in. They all gather around the break area 10 minutes prior to their break time just to get ready for a 10-minute break! I don’t get it.

  3. Chris says:

    I feel your pain. My company has been under a labor lockout for about 11 months. That being said, there is fencing around the entire facility, with 3 vehicle gates and 1 “man gate” available for our use. (I’m an office worker, so I am not in the union.)

    Cars are allowed in and out much all day through the main vehicle gate. I, however, am not allowed to ride through the vehicle gates, as our security director insists that a union employee could attack me on my bike. In a year, there hasn’t been a single issue with the workforce, and the picketters, when they aren’t hanging out for lunch, are in their cars. Every office employee, including the security director, stops to talk to the picketters, as they are all friends.

    I am forced to use the man-gate, to which only the security guards have keys. They must escort me in and out of the gate. I can enter between 7:30 and 8am and I can only exit when there is an extra guard at the main post. All of this to “protect me” in the 6 inches of real estate upon which the gate moves. (Once inside, I can ride anywhere in the parking lot and once I exit, I actually ride past the union folks daily.)

    My argument is that if they wanted to attack ME, they could. However, if they just want to damage some property, I have a $20,000 piece of metal that they could f— up or a $600 one.

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