Today Priscilla and I were arguing back and forth about bicycles and kickstands. My deal was that I don’t think bikes need kickstands because of a few reasons:
  • Weight
  • Looks dorky!
  • Noise
  • Kickstand can shift and move into the spokes, causing damage to the wheel
Here argument:
  • Convenience
AYE! I just don’t like them, I think they make the bike look like a sissy. But for her, its a matter of convenience, especially when she gets to her office and has to fumble around to get her keys and lock out of the bag and to open doors to the building…..
So we called Scott Finch of RPM Cyclery to see if he would be on my side….Dangit! The dude was on Priscilla’s side! All he said was…”its a matter of convenience, if she wants one, get one for her.” She even threatened to go down to RPM Cyclery and have Scott install a kickstand for her.
However, for the sake not arguing, and the fact that my reasons were vain in nature, I figured I’d give in and install one for her….
Here’s the Ibex Trophy 770….with a kickstand….


I still think they’re dorky…..

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0 thoughts on “Kickstands”

  1. I don’t care if it’s dorky looking….Not worried about looking cool or trying to impress anyone here. It’s going to add convenience to my commute! Thank you babe!!! You’re the best! 🙂 I love you!! XOXOXOXO. MUAAHHH!

  2. Jay says:

    If you are worried about looking dorky you may not want to even bike to work in the first place….I say whatever gear makes you happy, go for it…even kickstands.

  3. Moe says:

    I agree with Priscilla, kickstands on most commuter bikes make sense. I also agree with RL, kickstands shouldn’t be installed on mountain bikes nor road bikes.

  4. Randy says:

    I don’t know about kickstands. I just hate how they rattle when you ride. Makes it sound like something is wrong with your bike.

  5. Charles says:

    I can’t see the kick stand in the photo of the Ibex, so I can’t really claim it looks dorky. For a commuter bike I think “less is more” and try to avoid attaching things that don’t have much benefit. So kick stands and speedometers are out. Fenders and road slicks are in.

  6. Pete says:

    I bought a used Schwinn Premis from a guy a few years ago. It was a pretty hot racing frame back in it’s day. He installed a kickstand on it and scratched the hell out of the paint. Some bikes just can’t physically accommodate a kickstand without damage.

  7. RL Policar says:

    Pete, the Ibex Trophy’s rear triangle really wasn’t made for a kickstand. When I first installed the stand, I noticed it scratching the frame. So I had to take some old inner tube and use it as a gasket to prevent it from scratching.

  8. Rubbish! says:

    kickstands on commuters -OK
    kickstands on mtn bikes – BAD



  9. doggo says:

    Kickstands are awesome! I just bought a new bike and it didn’t come with a kickstand. I miss it. I grew up with Schwinn Stingrays and their welded on kickstands. Anything else just doesn’t seem right. My last bike was a Schwinn Cruiser. It had the welded on too.

  10. bbb says:

    Motorbikes have kickstands and don’t look dorky. I don’t see what the problem with bicycles having them is. If you are carrying something on your bike, it keeps the things on your bike if there is nothing to lean your bike against. If you don’t have a kickstand or anything to lean your bike against then they things in your bike basket or bike rack could get damaged or fall out if you lie your bike on the ground. I can understand people who use bikes for pro racing (road or mountain) that they don’t have one to keep their bikes light but for everyone else a kick stand is a neat thing to have. A kick stand can also be thought of like a display stand. I saw someone with a really cool looking and expensive bike having coffee al fresco at a coffee shop with the bicycle standing by itself nearby. It looked much better than if it would if leant against some wall or fence.

  11. Chris says:

    I installed a kickstand on my older rigid-frame mountain bike which I have converted to a commuter (slicks, fenders, rack, lights, etc.) It’s true about the noise, though I do not encounter any accept on the hardest of jolts, where I get that familiar “boing” sound. (Reminds me of those little spring thingys that keep doors from hitting the wall.)

    There are a few advantages to having a kickstand which I think make the small pricetag worth it and then some. First, when I first got the bike, it was a pain in the neck to wash it. I had to lean it up against something, and it was always trying to roll around on me. Since driveways don’t have anything to lean a bike against, I had to lean it against the house or a tree, etc. which could damage the grips, scratch the frame, brake levers, fenders, etc. The kickstand gives me much more access to all areas of the bike without having to stop and flip it around all the time, and gives the bike more stability and protects it from damage.
    Second, I park my bike in one of those “noodle” type bike racks at work. You know, the ones with the wavy pole that looks like the edge of a lasagna noodle. Those are nice, because you can just push your bike under the pole or stradle the bottom-most portion, and lock it up. It keeps other bikes at a good distance, and doesn’t warp your front wheel or scratch your forks. BUT, if you have no kickstand, you’re forced to lean the bike against the rail, and as soon as you turn your back on it, it rolls forward and puts an eight-inch scratch down the top tube. Using the kickstand keeps the bike from touching the rail at all. The same is true if you currently lean your bike against a sign post, handrail, etc. to lock it. But hey, if you don’t mind a bike with a bunch of scratches and bent-up components, be my guest. At least you still look cool!

    For pure sport use, i.e. – mountain biking and road racing, a kickstand would be of little or no use. However, if your riding includes any stops along the way, or you commute to work or school, a kickstand makes life a lot easier, and saves your bike’s finish and componentry.

  12. BJ says:

    I don’t understand why kickstands are so hated…I’ve NEVER had one make a bit of noise or get in my way or *GASP* shift and destroy my bike and/or kill me.

    Many complain about scratching the paint, but won’t leaning the bike on a tree/pole/rack do the same thing, and in a more visible place? Bikes are like pickups, meant to be USED and will get dirty and scratched. Anyone who has a bike that isn’t is a “sissy”…not those that have a kickstand on their bikes.

    Kickstands on commuter bikes make sense…

  13. Parker says:

    If you are in a place where there nothing to lean your bike against you have to lay it down. That doesn’t look good. I guess if you think of your bike a piece of leisure time sports equipment then you can be purist and forgo the kickstand. I think of my bikes as transportation vehicles so I have kickstands on my folding bike and my urbanized mountain bike. I wish I had better kickstands. Sometimes I stop on a park trail or in grass and the spike of the kickstand sinks in or it’s on a bit of I hill and I have to turn the bike around or keep the bike from going forward. I don’t want to have to bend over and pick up my bike.

  14. Bike Brake says:

    No you do not need a kickstand. What you need is a Bike Brake, the parking brake for your bike. No bulk. No danger. Very convenient. Go to and find out.

  15. Brimstone says:

    “”Looks dorky!”

    Good life rule: If it looks stupid, but it works, it’s not stupid.

    Other examples: Umbrellas…Helmets…Condoms.

    Good reason to have a kickstand: So you can quickly dismount in the middle of a parking lot, safely leaving your bike undamaged and upright, and go beat the snot out of the punk calling you a dork.

    Bike Brake looks interesting. Reminds me of the “Flickstand”. Havn’t seen one of those since about 1990. Anybody know what happened to them?

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