Month: June 2006

Critical Mass-Fullerton Ca.

Tomorrow is Fullerton’s 1st Critical Mass. Here’s the Info: Fullerton Critical Mass Description: Route will be an hour long ride around Downtown Fullerton and the surrounding area. It’s not an exuse to be violent towards motorists but an attempt to raise driver awareness that cyclists have rights to the road as well. Location: Fullerton Train…

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Night-time Safety

Everyone knows the importance of seeing and being seen when riding your bike. This becomes even more critical when riding at night. You could use several things to improve your safety during your nighttime ride. Having bicycle reflectors and an approved bike lighting are simple fix to the problem. When it comes to reflectors, you…

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10 Nine 8 Showerless Personal Hygiene

Linda over at 10 Nine 8 sent us this thing called Rocket Shower. Here’s what they have to say about it: Showerless Personal Hygiene People sweat. And they often do it when there’s no shower around, or time to take one. Rocket Shower is a spray body cleaner that makes it convenient to get yourself…

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A Bicycle Built For You

There are several different types of bikes out there. Getting the right bike for you is very important. You should find a bike that fits your needs. Common sense tells you that you shouldn’t take a road bike off of jumps on a mountain trail. Darryl Swint from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote an interesting…

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Bike to Work, Bike for Work

I started a new job last week at a photo equipment rental service (which is why I’ve been so scarce). In this new job, I’ve had a couple opportunities to improve workflow with my bicycle. Here’s one: Occasionally, we need to rent vans from a van rental service 30 blocks north of us. Normally, this…

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