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My background:
I am 5?7?, 165 lbs. I ride a Giant TCR for road, a Specialized FSR XC M4 S-Works for MTB, a Kona Smoke, Ibex Corrida, Xootr Swift and an Ibex Xray for my commute. I am bike commuter that travels 20 miles round trip. I’m also an avid cyclist that enjoys all sort of riding.


Testing Grounds:
The mean streets of L.A, the San Gabriel River trail and Beautiful Fullerton.

The KHS Urban X is the least expensive of the KHS Urban line up, but it’s an awesome commuter/utilitarian bicycle.

KHS Urban X Specs

What rocks:
In the short time I had the Urban X I put over 300 miles on it. I never had an issue with this bike, it was super reliable, it was super comfortable*, it was super fast, it was super stylish and it was super equipped. But once I found out how much this bike sells for at The Bicycle Lane in Fullerton, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe that this bike sells for under $300 bucks, $299.00 to be exact. The bicycle comes equipped with front and rear fenders,


A sturdy rear rack,


A suspension ‘Brooks Style’ saddle,


ergo grips and a kickstand. How well did it ride? At first I thought the ride was a little harsh due to the 100 psi tires, but I quickly adjusted to it. The upside: faster tires = less time it takes to get to work. The bike was also very responsive, the shifting was smooth and the gearing was wide enough to tackle uphills and fly on the flats. I found the Urban X to be rather stylish, it gets a lot of looks from fellow riders and drivers alike.


What didn’t rock:
Nothing really sucked on this bike. I was not able to get used to the saddle after 70 miles, but that’s an individual situation.


For the equivalent of 5 gasoline fill ups, you simply can’t beat the retail price of $299! I liked this bike so much that I didn’t really miss my Kona Smoke.

For more information visit the KHS website at

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23 thoughts on “KHS Urban X Review”

  1. jay says:

    Recently found your site–really useful information and great pictures!

    I was wondering if you have reviewed/are planning to review any bikes with internal gearing (REI has a couple, Giant has one, Breezer, Biria, etc.)?


  2. RL Policar says:

    I actually have a Giant Cypress that has the Nexus internal 7 speed hybrid that I won from Bicycling Magazine. I haven’t done a formal review, but heck its a smooth ride!

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  9. Keith says:

    I bought this bike about 3 months ago. I couldn’t be any happier with it. It does get a lot of looks and positive responses. There isn’t anything else on the market quite like it. The value is unbelievable. As the author said, it is a little rigid, but I have gotten used to it. I was surprised that the seat is as comfortable as it is, with its sparse padding. I have added a computer, rack bell, front and rear lights, and have purchased red BF Goodrich tires for it to dress it up even more. It is the best bike I have ever owned.

  10. Jubin says:

    I currently live in a city that does not have a KHS dealer. Is there anyway to buy this bike online, or do I have to drive to a major city to buy it?
    thanks for your help

  11. Moe Ramirez says:

    Hello Jubin, let me contact KHS directly to see what they recommend. You can also try contacting shops that sell the Urban X and see if they are willing to ship it to you.

  12. Christopher says:

    I just looked at this bike today at City Bikes Cooperative in Portland, Oregon. They were asking $369. The MSRP at KHS said $329 and the quote in this review said $299. With that said, $70 could take care of the baskets that I’d like to add, along with front and rear lights.

    Should I feel comfortable trying to haggle over the price?

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  14. Jess says:

    I like the urban X, I wish that it came in different color options, but for comfort I really enjoy the Xtreme. It is a nice cromoly frame that rides like a dream. Super responsive, comfortable with the carbon fiber front fork, and the curved seat stays take away most of the roughness of the road. Only down fall is no fenders, not so good for the soon to be coming rainy season.

  15. Steve says:

    Thanks for the great review and update. I got an Urban-X about month ago and have been riding it to work regularly. It’s a very comfortable bike, with the notable exception of the saddle, which looks retro-cool, but *literally* left me numb. As the reviewer did, I swapped the saddle, and it’s made a world of difference.

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  17. Kenny says:

    Like Christopher, I went to City Bikes to test ride the Urban-X. They are charging $70 too much, money that would be fab to use making up for the lack of lights and perhaps the chain guard that should be standard for a bike labeled as “commuter”. For $299 this is a great buy. You will lose out with having bottom of the barrel Shimano Derailer, lower line cranks, and low line rims…but it came with good brakes, and the rack indeed appeared solid. It is no light weight…but at least it is not a total pig.
    My biggest issue, besides the lack of lights and a proper full chain guard, was that the seating position is actually quite low and not upright.
    City Bikes recognised this and offered a bike with low line steel upright bars with another $20 tacked on the fairly hefty $369 price. I would opt for some chrome moly ones after purchasing the bike. Those bars made the bike feel a lot more like a comfortable commuter. A better seat wouldnt hurt…or better yet you could try and find a Trek L200 with a 8 spd internal hub, proper full chain guard, lights, better quality componentry on sale for under $600 (over $800 retail…but I have foudn some bike shops on line that HAVE offered it as low as $499). Well worth the jump up in price because you could enjoy the bike a lot more right out of the box. Too bad no one in PDX that I could find had any in stock.

  18. Steve says:

    Pics of the 2007 Urban-X (listed as theKHS Urban-X SC-100″
    are on KHS’s Canada website. Besides cosmetic changes (darker gray, more red in the labels), the most noticeable (and welcome) change addresses the handlebar height. Instead of the WTB integrated headset, it’s got a 1-1/8 threaded one. See it at

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    […] KHS Bicycles has their Urban Line that feature 3 bikes, Urban X, Urban Xpress and Urban Xtreme. Although not part of their Urban Line, KHS also has a fixed gear bike, the Flite 100. […]

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  23. Austin says:

    Well I went ahead and picked this bike up. I payed about $350 for it, taxes were pretty much subtracted from my total, which was good. I feel I paid a good price for what this bike delivers.

    I have ridden it only for a few days now, but can say it is pretty quick when cruising and stable. Right off the bat the fenders were making noise. This was easily solved by applying a thin layer of grease (with a toothbrush) to the metal attach points (which are tack? welded).The ‘brooks’ style saddle is OK, but time will tell. The rivets in the saddle can be uncomfortable at times. It does, however, provide you with a decent level of shock absorption, substantially less had a “normal” seat been put on. The tires seem to be fine, but new ones would probably help with vibration damping. The rack seems quite strong, and I had no problems attaching various items to it. This bike is a tad on the heavy side, but my riding is purely flat, so I do not notice.

    For someone like me, who comes from mountain bikes and 26″ tires this ride was a perfect balance of versatility and price. 26″ are much stronger than larger wheels, and most of all cheaper. While I would not huck this off large curbs, it is more than happy taking hops off regular curbs, something a 700c tires certainly does not like. I also have to say it gets quite a few looks. I own the flat black version and people often check it out. It looks much better on the road than in the showroom floor, parked next to a $1,000 bike.

    Conclusion: Test ride this bike before KHS realizes they can charge more for it. My biggest complaint, it is made in China, but the quality, both in ride and craftsmanship, is above its price point.

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