Ibex X-ray

I’ve been riding my Ibex X-ray cyclocross singlespeed to work for the last couple of weeks. I bought the Slime Lite Tubes and installed them on the X-ray for piece of mind. Yesterday, as I was crossing a bridge I heard a ‘psssssssss’ noise coming out of my front tire. I thought, no problem, I have Slime tubes. I stopped, gave the tire a few turns, re-aired the tire and… ‘psssssssss’. WTF? I thought the tube was supposed to ‘heal’ itself. OK, maybe I didn’t wait enough…. I gave the tire a few turns, waited a little, re-aired the tire and ‘pssssssssssss’. Fortunately I was carrying a spare Slime tube. I checked the tire and switched the tube and arrived at work 10 minutes late.
I inspected the flat tube during my lunch time, it had a very small puncture so I was wondering why it didn’t seal as advertised. I went ahead and patched it, what the hell, I had time.

On my way home, I usually stop at a park to refill my water bottle, refilled the bottle and.. ‘pssssssss’ coming out of my front tire again!!!! This time I just replaced the tube with my patched Slime tube and got home OK.

Here I thought that by spending more on Slime tubes I will buying piece of mind.

Has anyone had the same experience with Slime tubes as I did? or was it just dumb luck?

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0 thoughts on “Slimed”

  1. Bill says:

    That’s a sharp looking bike, Moe! I wouldn’t mind taking it for a ride if I could find suitable place. Yes, I had a problem with a slime tube once but they sure ride better than puncture-resistant tubes. Let’s see, in about 18 months riding on slime tubes I had two flats both in the same week. That’s cycling in the real world though. I use tire liners too and still had the flats. BTW, I ride an ’03 Trek 6700.

  2. Varroa says:

    Long time reader here, first time poster. I have never tried the slim inner tubes but I recent bought a set of Kevlar re-inforced commuting tires this year ($50 each). In the last 10 years I have had about 4 flats while commuting, since I got these tires I have had about 5-6 flats in only 4 months! I am starting to see a trend here.

  3. Moe says:

    The Irony of things is that I’ve been commuting for over a year and ridden over 1600 miles and I’ve only had 3 flats. 2 of them the same day on Slime tubes.

  4. Carl S says:

    Lesson learned: Don’t “upgrade” tires, tubes, rim strips, tire liners, etc… 😀

  5. Johnny5 says:

    I ride a Spot Brand singlespeed cross bike to work and a single speed mtb set up for a “roadier” gear. In both, I run slime liners (the rubbery liners that run between tire and tube) and haven’t had any issues. Found many a piece of sharp road shrapnel in the tires and caught by the liner, but no flats.

    Issue with slime is after a few weeks you have to replenish it, it dries up. Good stuff when handled properly, but I prefer the “set it and forget it” nature of liners. I’m not concerned with weight while commuting.

  6. Cathode Ray says:

    I use slime (liquid, not liners) but not as recommended. I use about half slime and top up the rest with water. The water thins out the slime and it works much better, especially with smaller holes. To get the water in just use an empty slime bottle and squeeze it in just like slime.

    Here in inland australia we have real demon thorns known as bindi eye. The plant has a long tap root and spreads over dry ground. A single plant growing in a pavement crack spread and cover many square feet. They have spikes at various angles so that no matter how they fall, at least one spike is pointing up ready for your feet or tire. The reference “Noxious Weeds of Australia” notes that the fruit is “a woody burr about 1 cm in diameter with sharp rigid spines to 6 mm long, which is bad news for bare feet and bicycle tyres”.

    Thin slime method works for me, even with bindi eye. It is important to remove the thorn form the tire.

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