Wrinkles Suck

There’s always the new wrinkle. One must keep one’s eyes always open.
George Peppard
Here’s the problem, whether you are using a back pack, messenger bag, or panniers, your clothes will still get wrinkled, right?
There are a few solutions to this issue, take clothes to work when you don’t ride and let them hang on a hanger, so when you get there, they’re wrinkle free.
Another technique I’ve seen some travel shows suggest is to roll your clothes. But I’ve never had luck with that technique.
What I’ve been personally doing is packing my shirt and pants/shorts into the removable laptop sleeve that came with the Banjo Brother’s Messenger Bag. That actually keeps them nice and tight, but not free from wrinkles.
Or you can get one of these doo-hickey contraptions….a FlipFold! But dang, why pay $14.99 for it when you can make one yourself with an old cardboard box….
Do you have suggestions on keeping clothes wrinkle free?

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0 thoughts on “Wrinkles Suck”

  1. Carl S says:

    There’s a couple different Garment Panniers that one can get… That’s a really spendy solution though. The two I know of are: http://www.bikemannetwork.com/biking/p/ACBAGPANN/BG2610 and http://www.twowheelgear.com/

    Rolling clothes seems to work well for me. I just stuff the rolls in the bottom of my messenger bag. I’m lucky enough to have a shower and lockers at work, but instead of keeping clothes here, I keep just a couple clothes hangers. When I come in, the first thing I do is take out whatever needs to be wrinkle free and hang it up. A couple good shakes and the time it takes me to shower leave most of the wrinkles out.

    There’s also several different “wrinkle free” fabrics available.

    As an alternative folding technique, check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOHHQMQBd5s (22 second embedded flash video, safe for work) 🙂

  2. Lani says:

    I pack a travel size Downey Wrinkle Releaser in my bag. I got it for less than $2 from WalMart. I spray my uniform right when I get to work then I start getting ready. By then it’s dry. It may not give me the “pressed look” but it helps. Plus my clothes smell fresh!

  3. MNMichael says:

    There is always Japanese origami folding:

    Personally, rolling is good enough for me. I’ve also starting investing in clothes that are more wrinkle-resistant. REI makes some really nice shirts that travel very well.

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