Xtracycle Gets some Xtrawork

Yesterday I was able to test out the Xtracycle by riding to my work My commute consists of me riding through 5 different cities in all types of pavement conditions. My round trip milage is 34 miles per day.
Its first task of the day was to carry my stuff. I loaded up the Banjo Brothers Messenger Bag and placed it in the FreeLoaders and away I went.
Then today I had to return an EzUP canopy to a friend. He let me use it for the commutebybike.com picnic a few weeks ago.
This time I loaded it the canopy on one side of the Xtracycle. To my surprise, the kick stand was pretty sturdy.
I rode about 1/2 a mile a way to my friend’s house. The Xtracycle did great, I just had to compensate by balancing myself further to the right. Other than that, the darn thing works like mule. It’s super strong and pretty gosh darn useful!

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0 thoughts on “Xtracycle Gets some Xtrawork”

  1. RL Policar says:

    I forgot to give credit to the Kona Smoke. That bike is awesome!

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