Money for Commuting in Indianapolis

 Millions of dollars are going to fund improvements in the Indianapolis area. Some of the money is going to make bicyclists happy.

Thanks to a $500,000 grant awarded by the Indiana Department of Transportation a new bicycle initiative will take place. The federal money will be spent to support bike lanes, bike racks, a bike port initiative and bike lane education in Indianapolis. The Michigan and New York street corridor are two place bike lanes will be added. This is all about connecting the suburbs to city and allowing people to commute on bicycles.

“A lot of people are afraid to ride in traffic. We hope this will get people out who heretofore may not have gotten out on the roads,” says Jonathon Juillerat, Indiana Bicycle Coalition.

“A city that is bicycle friendly and has a lot of people using it is a combination of many different bicycle facilities. Bicycle lanes are one of those. Bicycle pathways and trails are another,” said Richard Vonnegut Hoosier Rails and Trails.

Enthusiasts say its not just about the bike lanes its about bike ports. At a bike port someone could actually shower there and then put on their suit for work and then at the end of the day change clothes and head home on their bicycle.

In addition to the bike lanes and bike ports, 225 bike racks will be placed around the city.

The end goal is for the city to have a network of trails and streets that allow cyclists the opportunity to commute to work and move safely around town.

Courtest of WISH TV

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0 thoughts on “Money for Commuting in Indianapolis”

  1. Jay says:

    I lived in Indy for a year, I’d love the opportunity to move back someday. This makes me want to go back even more. There are doing an excellent job of putting in greenways to link up with downtown. Our kids are a little young this year, but next year my wife and I are planning a week long “bike vacation” in Indy. We’re thinking of parking and unloading the bikes at the north end of Carmel (Northern suburb of Indy) and over the course of 4 or 5 days take the various trails/bike lanes around town. You can access the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Indianapolis Zoo, Indiana State Fairgrounds and downtown area all using the greenway system. If we plan it during the State Fair, the fairgrounds have a Pedal and Park program where you check in your bikes right at the fairgrounds gate and they’ll watch over your bike for you. It’s good to see a high class midwestern town like Indy move toward being bicycle friendly.

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