Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Hard Working

I’m doing a survey….

Curious to know what kind of jobs do bicycle commuters have and how many miles do you commute a day?

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0 thoughts on “Working Hard or Hardly Working?”

  1. RL Policar says:

    I just started doing marketing, 34 miles a day.

  2. Varroa says:

    I commute 20 miles a day and I work as a Scientist for the Canadian Government.

  3. Ebee says:

    ASU electrical engineering student. 30 miles.

  4. Carl S says:

    Information Technologies. 20 miles.

  5. Jay says:

    Financial Advisor – 12 miles per day.

  6. Shanyn says:

    University Library IT Support- 14 miles.

  7. I think I see a pattern here….lots of brains…RL used to be an IT guy too. Anyhow..I am a Media Buyer and I typically commute about 4 miles ..tee hee…tee hee…:) Can’t help it my job is sooo close..geez!

  8. Moe says:

    Database programmer, 20-22 miles round trip.

  9. Carl S says:


    My home is close to work also… the direct route is about 3 miles one way, but I’m just starting to have fun by the time I get to the office via that route. So I increased it to 10 😀

  10. John says:

    10 miles round trip and I’m an electrical engineer.

  11. Lenny says:

    Garbageman in Medford,Oregon and ride 18mi. round trip. Kind of tough last week when it was 105* in the afternoon ride home.

  12. It’s 3.5 miles each way to work, but I try to stretch it to 5 (8.05km). I work as a library tech. in a middle school.

  13. Us Army, Airborne Paratrooper, War Fighter. I just had to make it sound a little bit more interesting. Everyone’s job seems so cool. We got a bunch of rocket scientists among us. Anyway, 8 miles only…

  14. Chris says:

    Network Engineer, 25 miles roundtrip.

  15. RL Policar says:

    Randy…Being in a Sgt. in the Army for an Airborn Division is one tough job….tougher than what most of us have!

    And its cool you jump out of airplanes as your job, you shoot guns, drive in Humvee’s, wear camo all the time, get to yell at people, and great benefits!

  16. Hi.

    I’m just finishing my college degree in Applied Chemistry – Biotechnology.

    Currently i have 2 routes for commuting.

    One is to get to the lab where i’m doing my trainingship (i don’t know is this is the right word) and it’s about 17 km long.

    The other is to get to school to study for exams at the library, and it’s about 20 km long.

    I’m still not using my bike everyday, usually just twice a week, normally i use my car to go everywhere, but it’s a good start, and those days of 3 hours of pedalling for those 40 km are definitly my favorites! 😀

  17. eddy says:

    Finishing up a Ph.D. in history, currently toiling as an archival bibliographer. About 10 miles per day.

  18. Nick says:

    15 miles/day for work alone, and I work in photo equipment rentals.

  19. Dan says:

    I.T. Manager

    7 miles round trip, although I try to make it 10-12.

  20. Derek says:

    No brains here, I just look at (and take) the pictures 🙂 photographer
    I can’t bike commute to my jobs most of the time, but I commute with my wife to her work and back into town to commute back when she gets off. 6 miles

  21. Dougii says:

    IT Consultant

    (Computer Systems Expert, Solaris Mostly)

    11 Mile return trip. About 800 feet in elevation each way. Hilly Halifax, Nova Scotia. Yes, I wear out chains frequently.

  22. Rick R says:

    15 miles a day with a 40 mile night ride on Wednesdays. I am a Master Automotive Technician.

  23. Jon says:

    Engineering Sales – 19 miles round trip.

  24. Kevin says:

    Auto Mechanic, don’t laugh I’ve worked with a fair share of Techs who have always commuted by alternative means, and I myself have had some pretty creative ones.

    3 miles one way.

  25. Chris says:

    marketing director, 40 mile commute

  26. bksmith says:

    13 mile round trip. Civil Engineering Tech_CAD Draftsman

  27. Soho, 20Km commute.

  28. zeke says:

    Inventory Manager at a bike shop – my commute is 30ish round trip – the ride home is always turns out longer than the ride to work –
    Kevin, I was a service writer in a auto shop for a while…coworkers and customers always thought I was nuts riding the 15 miles one way to work.
    Lots of intresting jobs listed here, good survey!

  29. steve says:

    Unix IT Consultant, 25-30km a day, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Chains and cassettes get chewed up pretty quickly round here, as Dougii said.

  30. Jeff says:

    Electrical Engineer, 37 miles per day.

  31. Gordon says:

    Sales for a computer software company. My wife and I work at the same company but I’m just starting to ride 3 times a week (20 miles roundtrip). Bought a Kona Smoke and now looking for something for her (we’re roadies on the weekend)

  32. Nate says:

    IT Manager

    ~30 miles round trip by my preferred route. I average about 3x a week, commuting my clothing via car the days I don’t ride 🙂

    I started this last year and am totally hooked. I feel so good on the days I ride that the driving days are a little depressing. Glad to see lots of others do, too!

  33. MikeOnABike says:

    Software/Systems Engineer – 13 mi. round trip. Started riding this spring after a many year hiatus. Dropped 20 lbs over the summer and lowered my cholesterol and blood sugar. Having a blast riding to work in the dark.

  34. Dube says:


    Very interesting survey of cyclists!

    I have been gearing myself up for cycling to work that could be around 22-23 miles round trip. Not started yet, but plan to do step by step say twice a week initially.
    Just wondering if any thing should be in mind when doing this.

    Thank you


  35. Scooby says:

    Yes very interesting indeed.

    I was a little doubtful bout riding my bike 2 work. i will be doing 18-19miles round trip and im a mailman. so i usually walk 6-8miles for my job delivering mail.

    I hav never done road cycling especially long-distances i was a novice mountain biker. up to 6-9miles per trip.

    Anybody have any advice for me?

    THanks again!

  36. Charmaine says:

    Legal Secretary, 32 miles roundtrip, 5 days a week. Best way to get to work – no stress!

  37. Angie says:

    i need your advise….

    I currently commute 12 miles to work return, 5 times a week. The 6 miles each way take me about 25 minutes. Unfortunately I will have to move further away and my daily commute distance will increase to 26 miles a day.

    I am slightly worries that the additional distance will be too much for me and that I might be either extremely tired during the day. What was your experience when you started to commute those long distances? Did you adjust quickly to it?

    Thank you!

  38. Charmaine says:

    Hi Angie – currently my commute is 32 miles roundtrip. My previous commute was about 18 or so miles. I felt the same way you did when I faced my new, longer commute. It does take longer, of course, but it was neat to meet the challenge. At first, it took me a little while to get used to the longer commute…sometimes I’d be pretty pooped by the time I got home. Also, the longer commute meant that I was out in the weather longer (be it hot, cold, rainy, windy, snowy, etc.), so I had to make sure I had the right clothing for whatever weather I needed to endure. It definitely makes you a stronger rider. 🙂 I make sure I get to bed early enough so I have enough sleep to carry me through the day. I don’t get sleepy during the day though – so you probably won’t have to worry about that. Make sure you eat enough during the day and right before you get on your bike. I always carry an “emergency snack” in my bag (like a Cliff Bar), because sometimes, I run out of energy a few miles from home – and a snack helps to make it home…especially on the cold days. The weather seems to eat up whatever energy you have. But soon, your body will be used to the longer commute. Let me know if you have any other questions, if I can help you.

  39. Angie says:

    Hello Charmaine,

    Thank you so much for your feedback; it is very encouraging to read how you coped with the additional miles. I will definitely try to cycle to work; I just love my cycle routine too much to give up as yet. It’s a great way to relief stress after a busy day at work. I will see this as a challenge and will keep in mind that not only this is fun and healthy but it is great for my legs and my bum too” ; ) Thank you!

  40. amack says:

    i think this is whack , and i feel so so so sorry for the people who had to do this . i think its bullshit and i wouldnt have done this shit

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