Month: July 2006

Heat Advisory for Susquehanna River Valley

My morning commute wasn’t too fun. It was already warm at 8:30 this morning and the humidity wasn’t helping at all. During my lunch break I decided to ride back home. It was unbearable! I had all intentions on riding back to work until I stepped out of my air-conditioned house. It felt like I…

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Bare Knuckles

Just a reminder to everyone – cycling gloves aren’t just for padding and shock absorption, especially if you ride in a city. A patch of cobblestone on my ride home Friday night swerved me into a plywood construction wall on the edge of the sidewalk, taking the skin off of three knuckles on my left…

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Eri Ramos, Welcome Aboard!

Please help me introduce the newest member of Commute By Bike, Eri Ramos. Mr. Ramos is an Army of One. He is a Sgt. in the United States Army with Randy Policar. Eri has been commuting with Randy for abou. a year and has grown to love the bike and the freedom it brings. Eri’s job…

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A Day in San Diego

Priscilla and I took the kids to Sea World today to have fun with Shamu and all his delicious friends. I saw this one guy in a line in front of me with the nastiest ear hair I’ve ever seen! Priscilla took a picture of me with the bald headed. hairy eared guy behind me… We…

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Construction on PCH

Pacific Coast Highway is a famous roadway that runs along the California Coast. There has been construction along a section in South Orange County that has proved deadly for cyclists and pedestrians. As I walked inside my local burger joint, the news were on a story of a cyclist that was killed by a drunk…

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Landis Juicing it up?

Man, what a blow to the American cycling community…I’m sure you all know by now that Landis was accused of juicing because he had too much testosterone in his body. Did it ever occur to anyone maybe since the fella is an American he naturally has bigger balls than the French or Italian riders?

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