Kids Wearing Bike Helmets

I’ve always believed that wearing a bicycle helmet while riding is an important thing to do. Kids especially are more vulnerable to injuries when not wearing the proper protective gear. I didn’t realize how big this problem is.

According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, 800 bicyclists die each year, half of them under the age of 15. The report also says that 550,000 riders visit the emergency room each year. The Institute stated that 88 percent of the reported brain injuries could have been prevented if the rider had worn a helmet.

Read more about it here.

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0 thoughts on “Kids Wearing Bike Helmets”

  1. Charles says:

    Sorry Randy, but I got to disagree. My view is reducing bike safety to merely wearing a helmet is dangerous. Little things like stopping and not weaving all over the road are important too. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem important enough to mention any more. I believe that you mean well and I know nothing I write is going to change you. But I have to say it. Telling a kid that he’s safe because he’s wearing a helmet is dangerous.

  2. The purpose of this article is to promote the wear of bicycle helmets. It’s a proven fact that the use of a helmet reduces head injuries dramatically. And I agree that riders in general should obey traffic laws to keep them safe. But at the same token, it is mostly up to the parent or adult supervision to show “kids” how to be safe while riding their bikes.

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