Bike Locks

I’m fortunate enough that I don’t have to worry about locking my bike when I ride to work. For those of you who are not, you might want to think twice about the type of lock you use. Check out this video of a Kryptonite lock easily picked.

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0 thoughts on “Bike Locks”

  1. Kirk says:

    Kryptonite has made new locks that don’t use the round keys. They can’t be picked as easily anymore.

  2. Nick says:

    Kirk’s right – they did a huge recall and I remember hearing how much it cost them, but good on them for trying to fix what they did wrong. I swear by Kryptonite locks, as do most in New York, mostly for their heavy duty four-sided chains. Some people keep the chain, but ditch the Kryptonite lock for a American Lock – the heavy round padlocks that bodegas and storefronts use to lock down their shutters. Rumor has it those are even more reliable than the mini u-locks that come with Kryptonite chains.

  3. Varroa says:

    I got my exchanged last year. You sign up for the exchange and they send you a pre-paid Purolator packing slip so you can mail you lock back to them. Then in about 2 months you get your new lock! I did it over the winter when I wouldn’t be missing my lock. It took about 3 months in total from the first email till I had the new lock in my hand but that was during the first 3 months of the program.

  4. I’m glad that they did a recall on those locks. I just can’t believe how easy that lock was popped.

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