Month: July 2006

Interesting Day of Commuting

Where do I begin! Ok so today I ride the Ibex Corrida to work. Today must have been the most interesting day in my commuting history. 1. Flat tire…again 2. Got cut off 3 times going to and from work in the same exact neighborhood! 3. Shaved off 13 minutes in my commute with the…

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Don't Diss the Wally World Machine

I was reading my monthly issue of Bicycling Magazine and stumbled upon an article about two guys buying a $53 Wally World Bike and converting it to race the Texas State Time Trial Championships. Here’s a reason why they are doing this: To remind themselves and everyone that we all took our first wobbling rides…

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Ibex Alpine 550 Update

(click on the image to zoom in) The Ibex Alpine 550 has been going through some testing and so far things are looking pretty good. We haven’t been able to find any thing wrong with it. We’ll be posting a review on it in a few weeks.

Hooray Bikes

For the most part of last week I wasn’t able to ride my bike due to the bad weather. I felt sluggish and wasn’t motivated to do anything the whole time. What made it worse is that I had to fill up on gas, get a new emission, and state inspection sticker. Which came with…

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Bicycle Safety Recall

NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 7, 2006 Release #06-206 Firm’s Recall Hotline: (866) 433-5887 CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772 CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908 Felt Bicycles Announce Recall to Repair Mountain Bicycles for Brake Failure WASHINGTON, D.C. – The…

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Ergon Performance Grips

Disclaimer: As a product reviewer for Commute By Bike, I am providing my unbiased opinion of any products provided to us by any company. I do not posses any type of relationship with the product’s company or parent companies. Companies that send in their goods to be reviewed do not compensate me in any way….

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A special bike for a special kid

This is Zack, he’s my cousin Mando’s son. Zachy is a very special kid, he’s also a very lucky kid. Zack was born with Down Sydrome, he’s legally blind, had 3 eye surgeries and open heart surgery, all before the age of two. So why is he lucky? Besides the fact that he is alive,…

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Le Tour De EPO

I’ve been following what has been happening on the 2006 Tour de France. I was in disbelief that the 2 top contenders were barred from participating on this famed race. I seems that doping is rampant in all sports, but cycling is on the news a lot. Here’s my opinion (and it will not be…

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