Skid Competition

Dude, these Fixed Gear Riders are having some fun skidding around. Man I don’t know how they do it cuz’ I’m still trying to figure out how to stop without having to use my brakes on the RedLine 925.

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0 thoughts on “Skid Competition”

  1. That’s insane! How in the world do they go that far?!

  2. Fritz says:

    Randy, the distance skids are done by unweighting the back wheel. That’s why they lean forward over the bars so much.

    That’s also a hint, RL, on how to skid stop with your 9-2-5. Unweight the rear wheel and lock your knee on the extended leg. Unweighting the wheel makes it *much* easier to stop that wheel. If you want to actually stop (instead of skidding 100s of feet), you then move your weight back over the wheel. It’s not strength that stops you but technique. Once you get it down it’s not too difficult.

    A lot of people skip that back wheel to stop — hop, stop, land, legs move so you hop again, stop, land and repeat until you bleed off enough speed to come to a complete stop. That’s how I usually do it — it takes me two or three skips to stop. I hope this all makes sense.

  3. Josh says:


    When your feet are at about 3 and 9 lean forward, lock your rear leg, and pull up hard with your front. I couldn’t do a skid/skip until I focused on the pulling up part. Try this after a rainstorm when the pavement is wet and slippery, or get out the garden hose and spray the street down. Once you know how it feels to skid/skip it becomes much earsier on a dry steet.

    Enjoy the bike. Here is the sage of my latest fixed conversion if you are interested.

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