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I purchased a Co-pilot trailer so I can ride with both of my girls and my wife. I attached it to the Xtracycle that is installed on my Kona Smoke. I took a couple of test rides around the block to familiarize myself with the new extra-long bike. My family and I will be commuting to the beach tomorrow using this set up. Stay tuned for my update!

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0 thoughts on “Bike Limo”

  1. Paul says:

    Check out Joe Kurmanskie, the Metal Cowboy. He and his two young boys (5 and 7) rode from Oregon to DC last summer with a similar set-up. There’s excerpts from his soon-to-be-released book called “Momentum is Your Friend” at

    Here’s a bit from Chapter One:

    I’ll be pulling 14 feet of traffic-stopping rig: My custom-made 27-gear Rodriguez touring bike, plus four expedition-size Arkel panniers loaded with everything from replacement parts to fishing poles to pots and pans. Quinn’s my copilot, pedaling a Burley tagalong cycle attached to my rear rack; Enzo will lounge in his Chariot trailer, wedged between sleeping bags, bike pumps, and the occasional watermelon. Most days this 250-pound caravan will feel like I’m hauling a Hobie Cat behind me. I draw inspiration from the unsung Sherpas working Everest and New World conquerors weighed down by armor and battle axes. This brand of insanity always gets my blood going.

    There’s a picture of the rig at

  2. Nick says:

    So does your wife sit on the Xtracycle extension with your two kids in the trailer? That seems like a blast! I bet you’ll get some comments lugging your whole family around like this.

    Thank you for doing this, Moe. It’s people like you that are going to drag the States, kicking and screaming, to kind of bike culture you find in European cities.

  3. Jay says:


    Don’t want to taint your review, but we have a Co-Pilot trailer, looks identical to the one in the picture. We love it, it allows us all to bike to the park in the evenings. My son is 20 months old and my daughter is 6 months old and they love it. My wife has a child seat on her bike which my son has been using. With all the safety straps in the trailer for 2 kids, we put our daughter in her infant car carrier and then strapped the car carrier into the bike trailer since she still could not yet hold her head up. She’s just now getting strong enough to sit up so we’ve been putting both kids in the trailer and my wife has been riding kid free! We’ve taken it on trips out to see my in-laws, 24 miles round trip. We also used this set-up recently while vacationing in Indianapolis. We biked from the north side of Indianapolis via their extensive Greenway system to the zoo. The trailer easily converts to a stroller, it is a bit wider than a normal stroller, but don’t forget you have two kids side by side! The trip to the zoo and back was 36 miles and the trailer worked great. I highly recommend it.

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