Hummer Commercials

Have you guys seen those Hummer H3 Commercials where the mom gets pushed around by some other bully mom so she goes and buys a Hummer to make her feel better?

Watch it HERE

Is it me or is this commercial and other Hummer commercials targeting those with low self-esteem? Are they that desperate to sell vehicles to people that need their self image bolstered by a vehicle?


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0 thoughts on “Hummer Commercials”

  1. Jay says:

    Sad to say…but that is exactly their intent…who else would buy such a ridiculous vehicle? Yesterday (I’m currently on a business trip) I had a guy in an H3 pull off the road behind me driving half through rough gravel and half in the grass to pass me on the right while I waited for a semi to make a left turn. There was no pass lane on the right for this purpose, but this poser decided to make his own lane. I honked at him and as we got to the next light the road widened to 2 lanes and we stopped side by side. He may think he’s all tough, but I proved that a 4 cylinder Nissan Altima beats an H3 off the line fairly easily. I know, I know I wasted a bunch of gas on an idiot, still felt good though….

  2. Nick says:

    Yeah, advertising gurus call this reflexive sympathetic identification, like that McDonald’s ad where the fat kid gets made fun of at school for being fat, then goes and eats Big Macs while crying.

    Actually I just made all that up.

  3. Steve says:

    The commercial would could have been better if the lady drove over the other car with the H3.

  4. ebee says:

    or over the child

  5. Todd Guess says:

    Then there’s this one. Pitiful!

  6. Chris says:

    I would save money spent of the H3 (fuel alone!) and get little Jake some boxing lessons to kick that kids azz

  7. michaelalanjones says:

    Or the other one, where one guy is buying soy products, and the other guy is buying dead animals to eat, and the soy-boy buys a Hummer?

    I say, ride your bike, soy-boy, and live longer, while the meathead has a heart attack on the way home, leaving behind a grieving widow and three obese children with no income.

    PS – I’m also a vegan soy-boy my d@mn self.

  8. So why does it have to be three obese children? And what do the children have to do with the Hummer? Sure I like MEAT! I like BEER too! That doesn’t mean that I would just keel over from a heart attack. The way I figure is; you never know when it’s you’re time to go, so live your life to the fullest. But just like everyone else, you have to keep yourself both physically and mentally fit.

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