RedLine 925 First Impression

I’ve started riding again after letting my hamies rest for a week and I couldn’t wait to get on the RedLine 925.

For her maiden voyage I took the 925 to work. This was my first experience riding a fixed gear bike. It took me a few miles to get used to the constant pedaling. Learning how to slow down and completely stop without brakes took about 18 miles to learn.

This is a shot of the 925 in my office.

This is at some office park on my way home.

This is why I love riding to work…

I even went on a night ride.

I made sure I had enough lights.

After riding the RedLine 925 for almost 40 miles, the 925 has been performing like a champ. I haven’t experienced any flexing of the frame. The only thing I’ve had to do was replace the stock stem with one that had a higher angle. I prefer to ride my bikes with a comfort geometry rather than a race set up.

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0 thoughts on “RedLine 925 First Impression”

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  2. […] Today I rode the RedLine 925 to church, but I was sidelined when a big nail got my rear wheel. […]

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  4. Hi! πŸ™‚

    I’ve noticed that the bikes you feature here as “commuter bikes” and that you mention int the blog are all… big. I mean, there’s no folding bikes (besides Swift and Paratrooper). I guess that has to do with the kind of area you guys live in.

    I was wondering if you know anyone that uses small folding bikes to commute, usually in urban areas, in conjunction with public transit. Like Dahon, Brompton, Birdy, Bike Friday, Strida, iXi, etc…

    I have a hybrid 26″ bike, and recently i bought a really great folding bike: Genius by Mobiky ( It’s a french design but it’s already available in the US too in I found out about it in April through and i fell in love. Because of it i decided to set up a company just to be able to make it available in my country. I find it really really beautiful and extremely ingenious. I’d like to find other people who own one and know what they think and feel about it.

    Don’t you guys review this kind of bikes? πŸ˜‰



  5. RL Policar says:

    Hi Ana,

    We haven’t been able to get our hands on other foldable bikes other than the ones we’ve tested. But I’ll definitely look in to reviewing the Mobiky.

    Thanks Ana,


  6. Robert L. says:

    What brand of stem did you purchase for the Redline 925, and what is its angle?

  7. RL Policar says:


    I replaced it with a 50 mm Bontrager stem that I had on my old Gary Fisher Tarpon. As far as the angle, not quite sure.

  8. David says:

    The 925 has been unbelievable in San Francisco for me.
    And the fixed gear that I thought might limit me has been the oppisite.

    Check out Dec 18 2006 post at

    Merry Christmas

  9. Mick says:

    Hi There!

    I just put a deposit down on a new 925. I’ve been commuting to work (10 miles RT) for about three years; good weather on my Fuji Newest and bad weather on a rattle-trap, rusty old mountain bike I bought for $50 years from a community bike-rehab center. We’ve had lots of wet and cold weather lately here in Indianapolis, and I’ve gotten so fed up with the rustbucket that I’m suppressing my tightwad nature and splurging on the 925. I test rode one (in freewheel mode) a few weeks ago and loved it; research on the web seemed to back up the choice, so I phoned in the deposit yesterday. Can’t wait to pick it up next Thursday! I’ve never ridden fixed gear (unless you count Spinning classes!), so that’s an exciting new area I’m looking forward to trying. I’ll keep you posted.


  10. Solman says:

    I just rode a Redline 925 afew hours ago, as i am searching for a first step back into bikes (its been years since i rode a bike, and they were always cheapo $80 target bikes). i was highly skeptical about riding a singlespeed, but after taking it around the neighborhood near the shop, i was sold. now i dont know if i could go back to a multispeed, it just feels chunky. the bike was solid, rode well, and the gearing was neither too high or low. i am definetley interested in getting it into fixed gear mode and see what thats like.

  11. Phil says:

    It’s so great to see everyone raving about their 925s. I’ve had mine since September and ridden it to work nearly every day. I love it and it makes my life so much better in so many ways! It is an awesome bike. I did a duathlon on it last fall and flew by some guys on carbon bikes (flat course).

  12. Kenny says:

    I remember thinking thsi bike was killer after test riding, but I didnt like being so forward. Leaning over the front made me feel uncomfortable. Even on one with standard drops the LBS set up.

    Would a stem and bars help? I would prefer nto hanging over the front wheel and being more upright.

    There are a lot of neat fixies in my area with all types of simple small bars as well. Likely these set ups would not be the better choice for me either if less racey seems to be more my interest.


  13. steve says:

    I like what I hear about the 925 so far, but the handlebars are something I have never tried before. I am comparing the 925 to the Bianchi San Jose (bummer no fixed gear) and the Kona Paddy Wagon. Does anybody have any info on these bikes that might help with my decision?

  14. Kenny says:

    Such a fun bike…wish the Geometry wasnt so tight. Is the San Jose (albeit not a fixie) less confined to the bars? Paddy Wagon? I would love a gearless road bike bike.
    Looks wise, the 925 wins hands down for me.
    I like the controversial leopard print seat on the San Jose as well though. My home town representin’ to!
    I would like ot sit on the bike either more upright, or less away from the bars…kind of like my old mid 80’s Peugeot basic Carbolite 103 10 spd was.

  15. Tim Grahl says:

    Sean: I’ve been riding my 925 for awhile now and love the mustache handlebars. Multiple hand positions and plenty of leverage for standing up and smashing the pedals.

    As far as comparing between the 925, paddy wagon and san jose… it’s pretty much a toss up as the price points are very similar and all three companies have a good reputation.

    I will say that I like having the fenders on the 925 and I’ll never go back from fixed gear.

    Let me know what you end up doing!

  16. steve says:

    Any thought on this compariso. Crank length is not given but I hear it is very important for fixed riding. Hope to make my decision soon when I can ride them.

    KONA Paddy Wagon Redline 925 Bianchi San Jose
    Cost $650 $500 $600
    Frame size 60cm 60cm 61cm
    Stem Kona Control Redline cold forged 6061 Bianchi 3D forged, 1.º
    Bars FSA Omega OS Redline moustache type
    Headset TH Aheadset STS VP AheadSet, 1-1/8″
    Fork Kona P2 Chromoly taper leg DB CrMo
    Frame Dedaccia COM cromoly Chromoly double butted Bianchi DB CrMo
    cranks CFJ-100W “w/Guard Redline alloy 110BCD Sugino XD,
    chain ring 42T 42T 42T
    cog 16 free/16 16 free/15T fixed 17 free only
    tires 700 x 28c 700×30 700x32C
    wheels Sun MZ-14 Alex, 36H F/R Bianchi Alex Solo, 28H
    seat post KALLOY ALLOY Redline 6061 Bianchi alloy, 27.2mm
    Seat clamp Kona Clamp ? ?
    Seat WTB Rocket V COMP Redline Bianchi velo (leoperd print)
    BB TH 7420 ST VP sealed Cartridge
    Brakes Tektro 521AG Tektro longreach side pull Cane Creek SCX-5
    Brake Lev Tektro R200A Tektro aero levers Cane Creek SCR-5

    Chain KMC Z-50 KMC-Z 30 KMC

    Head angle 73.5 73 72.5
    Seat Angle 72 72 72.5
    Top Tube 59.4cm 59.4 58.5
    Chain stay 41.4cm 42.5 42.5
    Head tube 16.5cm ? ?
    BB height 28.7cm 26.9 ?
    Standover 82.7cm 82.4 ?
    Wheelbase 102.5cm 104.7

  17. steve says:

    Sorry for the bad post. I lined all the figures up perfectly before submitting.

  18. Athletics fan and runner says:

    Have you considered reviewing the Giant Bowery? I own one and I love it. I ride it fixed as my daily commuter and I have been doing so for about 8 months. 20 miles round trip 5 or 6 days a week and I have not had a single problem aside from one flat tire which I changed quickly. It handles really well and the frame seems as if it could survive a nuclear winter. Have you guys over here ridden one?

  19. Andy says:

    Has anyone fitted a chain guard on a 925. I sometimes have to ride into work wearing street clothes and dont want that black racing stripe on my leg. any ideas?

  20. steve says:

    What happeed to the chain guard that came with the bike? I have not seen any other 925’s fitted with anything other than the stock one.

  21. chuck says:

    I just picked up my 925 yesterday and I love it! I haven’t tried it fixed yet. After doing a short ride last night and a longer one today, I had to fit it with a set of drops. The mustache bars had to go. I liked the look of them but they just didn’t work for me. This is my first road bike. This site is one of the reasons I decided to go with Redline. I purchased a Monocog 29er a little over a month ago and just love it as well. That’s another reason I chose Redline. As for the Monocog, I don’t quite understand why it came with such a large 20 tooth cog. I had to wait a week for my bike shop to get in some smaller ones. After trying out a 16t, 17t and 18t, I’m going to stick with the 17t for the most part. Overall, the bikes seem to be made well and at a decent price. I’m sure I will upgrade most of the components eventually, but no real reason to just yet.

  22. mykr says:

    After pondering what bike I’d like to ride to my PTJ since it’s more of a waste to start up my car and drive it 1.5 miles to work, I’ve decided on the RL 925. I’ll be ordering mine this Monday. Hopefully I’ll get it by the end of the week. =)

  23. Mike says:

    What do you use to carry your business stuff? Is it easy to add a rack to this bike, I notice there are no brazeons for it.


  24. mykr says:

    Andy – If you’d like the chainguard that came on my 925. I can ship it to you. I have no use for it.

    Got my 925 last Wednesday. It’s still @ work as I’m building it up w/some Nitto RB-021 pursuit bars and TT brake levers. Should have the bits by tomorrow so I should be riding it by next week.

    Mike – Look closely @ the seat stay (just below the yellow thingy in the first pic), there are braze-on’s for a rear rack on the frame.

  25. Steve says:

    Have 25 miles on the 925 and all is weel EXCEPT the bars. Redline really should have consulted a hand surgeon before they designed these moustache bars. The available hand positions put pressure right on the nervesas they enter the palm of the hand. I just put brand new Brooks leather handlebar tape on them too…..bummer

  26. Steve says:

    Well I have 70 miles on my 925 and after 30 miles I ditched the moustache bars and got some straight mountain bike bars, mountain bike brake levers, brake cables and grips for $50. Feels much better now though a bit tight…may consider a longer stem in another 100 miles or so. I have noticed a strange clackity clackity clack noise from the rear wheel…..anybody else hear rear wheel noises?

  27. Andy says:

    Hi Mykr,

    I just wanted to get back to you with regard to your offer of chain cover — I’d love to take you up on it, actually! Give me an email at andy(at)sheats(dot)org.

    Thanks …andy

  28. Jim says:

    Steve, I picked up my Redline earlier this week and on my first commute I heard what I would describe as a strange clackity noise. I was trying to figure out if it was from the crank or rear wheel. Only does it when I’m really standing on it though.

    Figured out what it was yet?

  29. Steve says:

    Jim, I switched to the fixed gear today and the noise is gone. I think the noise is related to the freewheel. Man the fixed gear takes time to get used to for sure. I kept telling myselg “keep pedaling…keep pedaling…..but automatically tried to coast when cars got too close or I slowed down to stop…..I better take it slow for a while. Another suggestion, have your lock ring tightened on your fixed cog before you ride…mine was very loose. I took it to a local bike shop and they tightend it and ordered me the tool to do it myself. Getting the chain at the correct tightness and the wheel straight in the dropouts is challenging too as I am used to just pulling the wheel all the way back and clamping the quick release on my other bikes.

  30. Jim says:

    Cool, thanks. I think I’ll just keep an eye on the freewheel or mention it to the shop since technically its under warranty. Not planning on going fixed, maybe this winter I’ll give it a try. Yeah, getting the wheel straight is tough, I just count the threads on the tensioners and that gets me pretty close most of the time.

  31. Tim says:

    I have a 925 and have had other single speeds. I highly recommend the replacement of the junk standard freewheel with a White Industries sealed bearing freewheel (I like the 17t Trials Model). Most freewheels are junk, hence the noise others are hearing, the White Industries is expensive ~$90.00, but rebuildable and beautifully made. It is available in other tooth sizes also. Check other comments on the internet. Cannot be beat.

  32. Jim says:

    i was planning on replacing it. I don’t get the sizes though. The free wheel says MAIN DRIVE 1/2 x 8/32. What do those 2 numbers mean?

  33. Steve says:

    Anybody remove the 925 seat post yet….man it is a yard long. I didn’t even realize there where marks on the post to adjust seat height. All the numbers on my post are in the seat tube….who puts their seat high enough to use the number marks?????

  34. dzave says:

    I had noise too but since I flipped the hub I have been silent.
    I freaking LOVE this bike. I have 4 bikes and all my others have been collecting dust as I always opt to ride fixed. Will I ever tire of the fixed gear?

  35. steve says:

    I rode fixed for 1200 miles but quickly went back to free wheel side during the rainy season. Freewheel still makes noise when pedaling…I need to get a new one.

  36. ssdave says:

    I love the 925…I bought it on a whim, when it was priced to sell for $350 @ my LBS. I ditched the chainguard immediately and will remove the fenders when I go back in for the free tune-up (how much rain do ya think we get in Tucson anyway?).
    As much as I love the style of the moustache bars, this is my first road bike and I just can’t seem to get comfortable with the geometry and the lack of padding. However, Nashbar sells some gel pads, so I’m thinking of buying some and making some bullhorns…minus the rear brak maybe?
    Regardless, the bike feels solid and hauls a$$, even though I’m pushing 45!
    Friday is my commute day here and after my first trek last week, I’m anxiously awaiting the next ride on the 14th!

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