Tread Mark

White House

Where would you like to leave your tread marks? Area 51 is my next stop.

To the National Security, this is obviously not a real picture. Please don’t send the Men In Black.

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0 thoughts on “Tread Mark”

  1. RL Policar says:

    looks like someone learned how to use Photoshop 🙂

  2. You didn’t see me on the Hummer?

  3. Bill says:

    On Saturday, August 12, the view north from the top of Charleston Peak toward Area 51, and all the other “areas”, looked pretty bleak. So, before you decide to take on Area 51 try out Bootleg Canyon near Boulder City, Nevada. There you can test yourself riding up hills in the desert heat. The trails in Bootleg Canyon are bicycle only. Besides, at Bootleg Canyon you won’t suddenly be surrounded by Humvees filled with troops pointing M-16s at you.

  4. Gordon says:

    Places I’d love to leave my treadmarks:

    For a mountainbike: Back when I used to ride a mountainbike, I lived in Boulder Creek, CA which is redwoods country.. Some of the most amazing singletrack you can ever find (and the forest is so dense that you have plenty of shade, below the 200ft redwoods…

    For road cycling, I’d have to say Napa, which is close by, or somewhere along the famous routes of the Tour de France (Croix de Fer, etc..)

    Of course, for my Kona Smoke commute bike, there couldn’t be a better place to leave my treadmarks than HERE:

    I mean, honestly, they even set up a ramp for me….

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