Man, people suck sometimes.

Here’s a social experiment where a dude purposely steals his bike over and over again and no one tried to stop him.

If things are really like this, man anyone can easily steal a bike without anyone taking a notice.

You’ll see in the video the fella gets some help from a bystander, not the help you would think….just watch.

What would you do if you saw this happening?
Read the full article HERE

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0 thoughts on “Man, people suck sometimes.”

  1. Eri says:

    Amazing how AMERICAN people do not pay attention to their surroundings. Thats one reasond we had 9-11 because people are too busy to take the time and look what is around them.

  2. RL Policar says:

    Ooooh, Dang Eri, I think you just opened up a can of worms….

    Here’s what I think…You can’t generalize that AMERICAN people do not pay attention. There were other nationalities portrayed in that video and there were other nationalities in the airports and planes during 911.

    I think the problem here is that people do not want to inconvenience themselves by getting involved.

    Personally I like to get my hands dirty and get involved. You wouldn’t beleive the number of times I’ve been involved in confrontations as well as assiting others. I know Randy is the same way, it must be in the blood. Some how Randy and I and others are programmed to react by going towards a situation rather than being a coward and not do anything about it.

  3. Paul says:

    Here’s the whole story from Portland’s Willamette Week newspaper, complete with comments from readers/viewers:

  4. Moe says:

    That’s a tough one… Would I endanger myself for some else’s bike by trying to stop the theft? I don’t think so. I would call the police, (yeah, like they are gonna do something about it). There’s a difference if a life would be involved. RL and I had an instance where a truck flipped over around the corner from his house. We were there making sure that the truck will not catch on fire and we tried our best to help out the dude. Property is replaceable, life’s not.

  5. eddy says:

    One of the basic issues here is that people don’t really consider bikes to be valuable, so they don’t pay much attention. I work in Manhattan in a building with security guards and cameras on a busy block near Union Square. I’ve had one and a half bikes stolen from the same spot during the past two years. The “half” bike was my fork and front wheel ripped off and the rest locked to the rack (thanks locking skewers!). I’m sure people watched as some douchbag unscrewed my stem and cut my brake cables. But they’re busy and can’t be bothered – after all – it’s just a bike.

    As for the this video, this guy is too slow and clumsy to be a real thief. 1 minute 13 to snap a hardware store chain? Get real – that’s a 5 second job.

  6. Randy says:

    I would have to disagree that AMERICANS in general do not and would not pay attention!

    What you say is right to some extent. There is a time and place to get involved on others business. A bike, why not? If you know someone is doing something illegal, why not do something about it. Calling a cop IS doing something about it.

    Putting AMERICANS in general is definitely a NO GO! Heroes like the men and women who put their lives in front of danger during 9-11 did more than pay attention. Soldiers like you and I are constantly being questioned on why we get involved with other countries business. It’s not just because we have to but because it is the right thing to do.

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