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Every tire has a max PSI. Every rider prefers different tire pressures. My tires are a bit below the limit. Does the tire pressure level really make a difference on your ride? At what PSI do you prefer your tires and why?

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0 thoughts on “Tire PSI”

  1. Johnny5 says:

    Runnning too high a pressure will lead to a rough ride, road or off road.
    Off road you’ll bounce rather than roll over objects, causing handling issues.

    Running too low pressure will lead to pinch flats, road or off road.

    My road bike says 120psi. I normally run 95-100psi for a smoother ride and better grip while cornering. Also, as I tend to ride it for 80 miles, it helps soften harsh roads.

    MTB I run 30-45 depending upon trail conditions because I run a hardtail and I also don’t like my tires to “roll” when hard turning. I also prefer Maxxis Larsen TT and Crossmark tires.

    I have tubeless running friends that run 20-25psi.

  2. Don says:

    I run 700×18’s @ 120psi (I actually pump them up to 140psi and figure I lose about 20psi when I disconnect the presta valve from the pump). With such narrow tires anything softer seems like I bottom out against the rim on every bump. Besides it seems like a faster tire. 🙂

  3. Nick says:

    yeah, I keep it below the limit like Johnny5, and for the same reasons. 90-100 on my 700x23s. These roads are far from smooth.

  4. Neal says:

    Negative on the 140 psi, Don. You don’t loose very much when you disconnect the pump with prestas. You do loose almost 10 psi when you connect certain models but generally, you are hearing the pressure release in the pump, not the tube.

  5. floor pumps says:

    100 PSI is enough and can provide a good performance.

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