Mountain Biking Babe!

Yeah, I’m a lucky fella. I was able to go riding with a pretty cute girl that wasn’t my wife!

It’s my 5 year old daughter Aleah! This was her first real mountain bike ride on the trail.


Me and Aleah!

We did about 4 miles of riding. And here’s the best part…She wants to go again!

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0 thoughts on “Mountain Biking Babe!”

  1. Aaaawwww. How cute! Little mountain biker in the making. I love it!

  2. That’s Awesome! I hope when my girls are old enough, they would enjoy doing something that I’m interested in.

  3. Alberto says:

    That’s great! My first trail ride with my kid was going very well — also about four miles — until he encountered one nasty set of rocks that sent him to the ground rather hard. He became really afraid after that those of reality and I sort of blamed myself a bit for perhaps assuming he had more control of the bike than he actually did. Trails can be challenging for children. Thankfully he has recovered well and we’re out riding regurlarly. But it took a while to raise his confidence again. I’m glad your first ride went that much better.

  4. Lalaine Policar says:

    Tooooooo cute!

  5. lEO says:

    She’s so cute!

    Haha! you are a very lucky man my friend! 4 miles! Watch out, she might start leaving u in the dust sooner rather than later.

  6. Hey lEO What’s up man? How in the world have you been?

  7. Lani says:

    Aleah is just adorable!!! It’s good to know she wants to go again. I had a similar experience as Alberto. I took our boys to our local mountain bike trail here in Corona, but little did we know it was not for novices like us. I have to find a “family oriented” trail because bad knee scrapes and a broken pedal does not seem appealing for kids.

    Great job Aleah!

  8. Brent Cabal says:

    it’s nice to see you guys are doing great! I was watching HBO documentary the other night about the 9/11 incident and i was thinkng of getting in touch with you guys. By the way, Aleah got RL’s genes huh?! Maybe i cud fly there and visit u guys (someday). Please send my best regards to everyone. Miss u ate lalaine. Keep in touch!

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