I'm back in the saddle again….

Let’s see… a dude on a flatbed looked at me and decided to make a right turn right in front of me, an undecided driver decides to invade my lane to make a right turn, one a-hole on a big ram truck honked at me ’cause I was taking the lane, hellos and good mornings from fellow riders on the river trail and me riding a new sweet bike. And this is just on my way to work! MAN, I MISS COMMUTING BY BIKE!!!!!!

After a couple of months of not being able to ride to work for one reason or another, today I’m back in the saddle. I’m a little out of shape, but I’m looking forward to be in top form again. Stay tuned for the KHS Xtreme first impression.

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0 thoughts on “I'm back in the saddle again….”

  1. Jay says:

    Welcome back to the fold Moe!

  2. Nick says:

    A couple of months? I was off the bike for a week due to injuries and it drove me crazy! How did you deal?

  3. Moe says:

    Hey Nick, did u see my picture with the beers? That’s how I dealt with it!!! Just Kidding. Actually, I would ride around my neighborhood with my kids in tow, once I felt that my knee was good enough to ride MTB, I’m good enough to commute.

  4. […] If you read my previous post, today I got to ride a sweet bike. The KHS Urban Xtreme was a real pleasure to ride to work today. I installed a rear rack so I can use the Banjo Brothers Panniers, it’s too hot to ride with a messenger bag. I rode my 21 mile commute today, I got a good first impression of the bike. […]

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