One less excuse

“I can’t commute by bike because I have to carry heavy stuff”

Not to fear, the Xtracycle is here!

I’ve been using my Kona Smoke with the Xtracycle to run errands or to haul my kids around the park, beach, etc. Last friday I rode the Kona with the Xtracycle to work. I usually don’t carry much stuff so the Xtracycle would be overkill. This time, the Xtracycle came in very handy. I purchased a couple of engine tins for my bug during lunch


and my buddy dropped off his paintball equipment at my work so I could use it to go play paintball the following day.


Another advantage of having the Xtracycle is that if I need to stop by the store to pick up beer, er, milk, I can easily carry it back home. For more information about the Xtracycle, check out

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0 thoughts on “One less excuse”

  1. russ says:

    xtracycles are sweet…..i’m a photographer in Long Beach and I don’t own a car and use my trek 520 with an X to get to my shoots….check it 🙂

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